Did you know that there was a movie filmed entirely in Belize and San Pedro? Well, if you thought Johnny Depp wasn’t ferocious enough in the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks, then Blood Island might be right up your alley. Fixed Point Films announced on August 5, 2009, that the trailer and website for their new film are now live and ready for your perusal. Shot on location in Belize and from the producers of Lionsgate Films' The Evil Island and Curse of Alcatraz, Blood Island was helmed by first-time director Tyler Hickman. The film stars Kelli Mandruk, Tiffany Fest, Brad E. Smith, and Jack McDermott.

Here's the official synopsis: Like a cross between The Beach and The Blair Witch Project, here comes Blood Island, whisking you away to a remote paradise that's beautiful, quiet, and scenic. But there's also a bloodthirsty pirate, and you could say he doesn't like the group of friends who visit the island. You could also say he really doesn't like the friends stumbling upon his treasure, awakening a curse that shouldn't be awakened.

As soon as Dread Central gets more details on when you can expect the film to be released, we’ll make sure to give you the skinny! Ahoy, horror fiends! Watch the trailer of the movie below; we bet you will recognize some scenes of the movie.

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