Info/Communication Technology Road Show coming to Belize

It’s the age of technology and the fastest, easiest and well ... most impressive way forward seems to be the digital route. And while Belize has hopped on the technological bandwagon, there is still a world of unexplored possibilities in that area. That is why the Caribbean Telecommunications Union is bringing their Information and Communication Technologies road show to the Jewel. The CTU Secretary General, Bernadette Lewis, says Belize is one of 20 countries they will be visiting to share information on just how much more we can do with the tools available to us.

Bernadette Lewis, Secretary Gen., Caribbean Telecomm Union
“The thrust of the road show is to spark the imagination of the citizens of the institutions of the governments of the region that there are tools available—information and communication technology tools available—that could help them in every sphere of human endeavor. And I’m talking governments, I’m talking about institutions, I’m talking about small businesses. Every sphere of human endeavor is really touched by information and communication technologies. I’m sure you’ve seen it here. We’ve seen it across the Caribbean. Every citizen has at least one cell phone and I’m saying that, because in some countries the standard is 2 or 3. It means that in the hand of the average citizen of the region you have an information and communication technology tool that, if used innovatively and effectively—beyond just calling and saying well I’ve reached the market or wherever it is—that you can enhance how you live, it can contribute significantly to social and economic development.”

The ICT road show will be in Belize from the 12th to the 15th of October.
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