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Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34777
02/16/01 10:53 AM
02/16/01 10:53 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline

Marty  Offline

Please post the following response on the board. For some reason it didn't
go through when I submitted it.

I normally do not respond on the message board since I am directly involved
with one of the property's on the island. But as the Sales & Marketing
Director for Journey's End Resort I feel compelled to at least offer an
explanation to some of the comments posted.

First, let me say that I am not here to start a war. "Live2Fish" brought up
some valid complaints and I, along with the rest of our staff, feel terrible
about what he and other members of his group experienced. I will also offer
that many members of his group were very happy with their trip to the
property. At the same time there must be some background information shared
so it does not appear that we have been asleep at the wheel. I'm not
looking to assign blame because in the end we (Journey's End Resort) must be
accountable for the problems encountered by our guests, but I must say that
circumstances in this case have not all been in our favor.

I was witness to the destruction of Hurricane Keith first hand. When things
subsided I wondered if any of the properties on the island would recover.
Amazingly in some way this storm served as a catalyst for many resorts like
us to forcibly take the time to renovate systems that were long overdue for
repair. Most of the properties near San Pedro had a huge advantage being
that they had power and telephone services restored within a couple of
weeks. The properties on the north side of the island were not so fortunate
and we languished for weeks while Belize Electric and Belize Telephone
worked to get utilities restored. All of this waiting meant that we could
not even begin an effective clean up process for weeks. That, combined with
hold ups with insurance agents and shipments into the country created delays
that now appear to be affecting our initial guests.

For those guests that have been inconvenienced we have made every effort to
refund money, make concessions at the resort and offer return complimentary
stays. It is evident to us that we simply opened the resort too soon. We
knew that there was a calculated risk in estimating an opening date. We
actually intended on opening on Dec. 15th, which was later pushed back to
Jan. 15th, then Jan. 20th. At some point we knew that we would have to open
the doors and we were prepared for the potential complaints from the first
guests. As expected, the complaints came and we have and will continue to
do our best in dealing with each guest individually.

As for the property being as bad as "Live2Fish" or others are stating, well,
I would submit that he is painting the worst possible picture of the
situation. We have not only repaired the broken items from the storm, but
unlike many other properties on the island, we have gone much further and
taken this opportunity to upgrade our systems. Many of these systems are
behind the scenes and have been impacted by entities like the utility
companies, Customs and other assorted officials that have helped to delay
the overall process. Basically we have built a new resort and in EVERY case
upgraded all materials and structures to a level far superior to their
previous condition. As with anything new, it takes time to work the bugs
out, and we will continue to feel the impact of this process. Each day we
make more progress.

All of this being said I am here to tell anyone willing to be reasonable
that we are here and available to handle their complaints. Despite what
"Denny" says, we are not fighting over giving out refunds that are
legitimately based on inconvenience or discomfort. In fact, we are going
further than simply offering refunds by also making concessions at the
property and offering complimentary rooms for return visits later this year.
We are not running from our responsibility and I submit that comments such
as those made by Denny, a former disgruntled employee of Journey's End, are
subject to scrutiny.

My toll free number in the states is 800-460-5665 and I am available to
anyone that wishes to speak, complain, argue or otherwise talk about their
past or future experience at the resort. I was at the property between Jan.
29-Feb. 2 and during that period I saw incredible progress being made.
Since then, we've moved even further ahead. And we will continue to do this
until everything is back to 100% efficiency. Our Director is at the
property right now and is finalizing the reconstruction process. We are
also adding several new staff members. I'll be down there again in two
weeks to further monitor the situation. I'm asking that people be
understanding and patient with the resort. For those of you dissatisfied by
your recent experience I guarantee you that we will do everything we can to
make good on our intention to give you a great vacation. For prospective
future guests, rest assured that we will work all of these problems out
within the next days/weeks. We are confident that the Journey's End that we
are currently building will be one of the finest resorts that Belize has to
offer. We're almost done so please hang in there with us.

Thanks for your time.

Joe Hartley


PS, Marty here now, I will say that we have had some glorious times at Journeys End, its a lovely place, and I am sorry for the troubles that Live2Fish had, but they are not the norm and lotsa folks have wonderful times at JE.

As a restauranteur for 20+ years, I wish I could say every meal was perfect, but I know things happen sometimes....

[This message has been edited by Marty (edited 02-16-2001).]

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34778
02/16/01 11:43 AM
02/16/01 11:43 AM
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Shelby Twp, MI
Live2Fish Offline OP
Live2Fish  Offline OP
To Joe Hartley:

Joe - your response goes a long way to explain the background of the problems and the attempts at Journey's End to correct them. I will say that things were improving near the end of our one-week stay ... and based on your message should continue to improve.

But you must also see my point .. and that is a large group paid a lot of money for a wonderfull AC/JE stay and most we spoke to were disappointed with the conditions and services at Journey's End.

Keep working on the place and hire more good people like Kent and Freddie at the bar, Steve at the Dive Shop, and Jose at the Activities Desk. Live2Fish.

... I Live 2 Fish !
Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34779
02/16/01 12:51 PM
02/16/01 12:51 PM
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Bellaire, Tx. and the World
Denny Shane Offline
Denny Shane  Offline
To Joe Hartley.... a "former disgruntled employee"? Where in anything that I wrote would indicate I was "disgruntled"? There have been TONS of things mentioned on this board that I could have really gotten into regarding Journey's End Resort, however I kept my mouth closed. I was simply indicating that perhaps the original writer contact the Houston office in hopes of getting a refund. Knowing how the "Houston Office" treats refunds, I suggested he may have a hard time. Did you offer his group specifically a refund or complimentary stay for his group in the future?

If JER was not ready to accept guests, and you knew it... 1. Why didn't the resort stay closed until it was completely operational? 2. Why didn't you say to the arriving guests that due to unforeseen incidents, whatever, the resort wasn't fully complete and there would be partial refunds, free meals or whatever to offset the unhappiness? The bottom line is that the resort was opened fully knowing there were still problems.

Trust me, I KNOW the thought process, and so do you...

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34780
02/16/01 01:03 PM
02/16/01 01:03 PM
Joined: Jan 2001
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flint, mi usa
garfish Offline
garfish  Offline

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34781
02/16/01 04:08 PM
02/16/01 04:08 PM

wow. listen to all this. as most of you know, i stayed at JE in August, and have mixed things to say. remember, it was BEFORE keith.

the good things: the staff was very nice.
the beach was exceptionally pretty.
the drinks were good.
the property was clean.
most of the meals were very good.
they got up a volleyball game just for me.
big screen TV in the bar.

the bad things: our water in the room was salty. and you could not drink it. i dont think they can help it, due to location.
the shower never worked.
the refridgerator broke.
i would not call the rooms "spotless", but acceptable. they looked a bit old.
meals were expensive, even lunch.
oh my god the flies. could not keep them off our food. it really annoyed my husband, as there is no where to escape. all food is outside, and they swarm you.
no mosquito netting anywhere, not even over my windows.
my shower knob fell off.

at that point, i will say they offered me another room. i did not like the room, it was older and looked it. i didnt think it was worth what i paid, so we compromised and we (and the couple next cabana over) shared the shower in a 3rd cabana. have you ever heard of such a thing? running back & forth in towels! for what it is worth, the plumber, a super guy named simon, went out of his way to try to fix the shower, apologising that the salty water destroys the pipes so fast, they have to be replaced often. after work that night, he came to hang out with us. he even sent us a christmas card.

i had several conversations via computer with jonathan in houston, and he tried. he has only been with them like 6 months. i even met him down there.

my opinion: JE has the potential to be great, as they say. the natural elements are there, and i just loved the grounds. BUT, they have some things to work on. without the happy staff, the place would have sucked. the mgmt better realize that. if they are going to charge that much PAINT THE ROOMS AND GET SOME FRIGGIN' MOSQUITO NETTING!! COMPENSATE YOUR STAFF WELL, AND THEY WILL MAKE THE GUESTS HAPPY. give the guests somewhere to hide from the flies and mosquitos. we were trapped in our room some night, or we would have been eaten alive.

would i recommend it to someone? it depends who, and what i think they want out of a vacation. i kind of liked it. i enjoyed being left alone. i went away for peace & quiet. when i required attention, the staff was attentive and friendly. roberto was a howl, he continually cracked me up! and susan & steve, carlos, and juan. and especially simon.

regarding the comments from/to denny: i saw nothing wrong withe what denny said. i think joe is totally out of line for his comments. it has nothing to do with the fact that i like denny. i also know a bit of his history with JE. denny has never bad-mouthed JE to my knowledge, and you know i read this board often. joe owes denny an apology.

and that's the truth. pfthhthht!

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34782
02/16/01 04:17 PM
02/16/01 04:17 PM

oh, one more thing; if asked if i would stay there again, i would answer, "no".

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34783
02/16/01 06:11 PM
02/16/01 06:11 PM
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Ralph Offline
Ralph  Offline
To JANEinPA...your comments a while ago on the board were some of the positive ones concerning JER. Curious, you indicated you wouldn't go again...political reasons...or can you point out one or two reasons (major ones, in your opinion).
I'm going to JER in April (13th), including 11 year old son. We really want to fish and snorkle. I'm wondering if all of the issues raised/concerns/complaints, etc. have been resolved? Which ones are close to being resolved and which ones can't be resolved? i.e. fresh water or salt water showers? Are the tour prices much higher than this policy being re-thought? Based on info. from JER, they really have done a lot of work. We're going almost 6 months post-Keith (which gives about 5 months of repair time). I don't want to have a heart attack over this, and I guess I just want to feel me?

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34784
02/16/01 06:19 PM
02/16/01 06:19 PM
Joined: Apr 2000
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Bellaire, Tx. and the World
Denny Shane Offline
Denny Shane  Offline
To Joe Hartley...

I just re-read your above reply... there was one paragraph in particular that just jumped out at me... I couldn't believe that you actually wrote it... it said:

"I normally do not respond on the message board since I am directly involved
with one of the property's on the island. But as the Sales & Marketing
Director for Journey's End Resort I feel compelled to at least offer an
explanation to some of the comments posted."

You normally do not respond on the message board since you are directly involved? What a crock Joe... YOU above anyone else should be responding to people's questions on here. Especially when there have been posts on here from people who stayed at JER and had problems, etc... if you read the board as you claim, why in the world wouldn't you respond or come to the defense of JER. Or, taking you out of the equation, why wouldn't Jonathan reply? Now if you claim that you respond personally to the person, then why wouldn't you also answer their complaint on here so it would appear that there was an answer to the complaint so other people could see it?

I'd love to go on for hours and hours about this but need to go take a blood pressure pill. laugh...

To Jane... why thank you... tell your husband I am falling in love with you... laugh

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34785
02/16/01 09:31 PM
02/16/01 09:31 PM
Joined: Feb 2001
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DEBORAH S  Offline
Sounds like there is alot of bitter feeling among past employees and JE. It too late to cancel my group which is arriving 2-22 for a week. But I have confidence in JE that they will do there best to make good for any problems that may accure. I want to take a group too JE every year and I know Joe and the staff do there best.

Re: Journey's End is Not Ready for Prime Time ! #34786
02/16/01 11:15 PM
02/16/01 11:15 PM
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salinas, ca, usa
nanci Offline
nanci  Offline
I also considered JE but settled on Ramon's for 6 of us in June BUT what do you expect when you go to a small island less than a year after a major hurricane, ya shoulda picked somewhere else if you wanted perfection and gave them a few YEARS not 4 months to rebuild if you wanted perfection! GEEEEZ
I stayed in Coz in a 5star and had charcoal black water, we laughed and took pictures and decided to bathe in the ocean. Go with the flow and enjoy everything else about San Pedro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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