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#347881 - 08/11/09 07:23 AM Belize Basketball team beats Nicaragua  
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Team Belize beats Nicaragua in COCABA games

[Linked Image] Belize ahead by a mile; that is in Cancun, where the national team played in protest and secured an early lead in the COCABA regional games. The team massacred Nicaragua at the Cancun Poliforum where the games got underway this afternoon. Despite a last minute challenge from FIBA on the issue of the citizenship of the players, the team trounced the Nicaraguans to pull off a huge victory of more than thirty points. James Adderley has a full report.

James Adderley, Reporting

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and we’re very privileged to present to you this version of Sports Monday. Today marks the opening of the 2009 COCABA Championships in Cancun, Mexico and the National Basketball Team of Belize opened against the Nicaraguan Team earlier today. We’re in the second quarter with Belize already up by fifteen points, when Milton Palacio finds Keenan Jordan who sinks the big three pointer. Jordan Would finish with sixteen points to tie the game high. On this trip down court, Palacio finds Gene Myvette and the one-eighty, two handed dunk sinks people. Myvette would contribute nine points in the outing as Belize takes a 40-25 lead. This time it’s Marlon Garnett who spots up for three. It’s good and the former NBA player would put up sixteen points in this outing. Talk about petty move Charlie Burgess somehow banks this ball off the glass in heavy traffic to make the score 72-47 in late third quarter play. Of course, this lifts the Belize fans attending the ballgame that they literally wrap themselves in the Sub Umbra Floreo. In the fourth quarter, seven feet Dakin Braddick comes alive. Here he smashes the put back of the Keith Acosta miss. On the next press, Herbie Allen wants three and he gets three. Keith Acosta then drives baseline, bets the bucker, gets the foul and hits the extra point. Watch the big man operate as Braddick crushes another put back. However, this would be his best display today when he executes the slam dunk off the inbound press. Now check the big man Braddick on defense as he shows no mercy on this rejection. Folks, at this point we must also mention that Alex Carcamo hit ten points. Belize goes on to post the 98-76 big W in its opening appearance against the Nicaraguan team.

Interestingly, a last minute check on the FIBA website shows that Belize has been removed from its roster. More sports at the end of the newscast.

FIBA challenges eligibility of Belize’s players

[Linked Image] The COCABA games had a rocky start for Team Belize. The excitement wasn’t expected until the boys hit the court, but it appears that there was some strategy to scratch off more than half of the players from the roster prior to the first game. The late challenge was made by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) regarding the eligibility of the players. That made the team hit hard in its first game. But it was the Belize Basketball Federation and the team’s legal advisor who had to play defense.

Paul Thompson, President, B.B.F.

“Fifteen minutes before game time we are told that of the seven players that are in question, two of those players will be able to play; Milton Palacio and Alex Carcamo based on the fact that they had played in 1998 and that they are going against their rule. But based on the fact, they are going to allow them and they are also going to allow Marlon Garnett based on the naturalization act. So he will play as a naturalized player. So that is where we stand right now. Of the seven players they only want three of them playing.”

Godfrey Smith, Attorney
“Having reviewed the documentation, there is no evidence that they are quarrelling with our interpretation of the law. What there is, is that they have automatically assumed that all the players are Belizeans by naturalization, which means that they didn’t look at the certificates of registration that were sent to them because it’s clear that they are Belizeans by descent. So no, there is no quarrel. They’re not saying well under the laws they can't play. They were assuming that the boys were naturalized and they are saying under FIBA regulations only one can play. It’s simple responses, they’re not naturalized Belizeans, they are Belizeans by descent. The local arm of FIBA has tried to avoid grappling with the issue. They have been saying that look it’s up to Geneva Switzerland to make the decision, they are waiting and we ought to have gotten a response by this morning and we didn’t.”

William Neal
“Have you received anything stamped by FIBA saying exactly the guys don’t qualify?”

Paul Thompson
“Well at this point at the gym we have not received a letter; no we haven’t.”

William Neal
“What are the four players that are still in question at this point?”

Paul Thompson
“At this point the four players are Herbert Allen, Dakin Braddick, Kenan Jordan, and Tyrone Stokes. We will go ahead and play under protest and we will play with all our players because if they are going to allow one of the guys to play that was in question, then that erases the rule automatically. They have to allow all. If they would have said they allowed one player, then we would have understood but now they are saying three of that can play. I don’t understand why they are doing this.”

As was mentioned in the interviews, Team Belize is playing under protest until FIBA makes a ruling regarding the status of Herbert Allen, Dakin Braddick, Kenan Jordan, and Tyrone Stokes.

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#347979 - 08/12/09 05:28 AM and Belize slaughters Guatemala [Re: Short]  
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Belizean Heritage slaughters Guatemala in COCABA games

[Linked Image] Today our basketball stars took to the floor for a second time in the COCABA Games in Cancun. Our opponents were from Guatemala and the victory we earned was even more impressive than Monday’s – winning by a convincing margin of thirty-seven points, with Belize scoring one hundred and Guatemala sixty-three points. James Adderley has a full run down of the events.

James Adderley, Reporting

The Benito Juarez Multifunction Center inside Cancun Mexico provided the venue for the long awaited clash between Belize and Guatemala at the Central American Basketball Championships today. However, even as the tip off is executed, Belize’s status inside the COCABA tournament is still up in the air as the tournament officials at Cancun have in effect put Belize out in the cold, claiming registration irregularities by the national team. Okay, we might be playing without being officially recognised by FIBA but team Belize continues to trod on with business as usual. Even after beating Nicaragua 98-67 yesterday, we’ve got a lot to prove to Central America so Alex Carcamo gets going early with this bucket inside the pain for two of his ten game points. This nice move by Keenan Jordan leads to the bucket, the foul and the three point conversion as Belize goes on a 12-2 run in the opening minutes. As expected, Guatemala makes a 9-zip run on the back of Alfaro who plays the outside/inside game very well and at the end of the first quarter, Belize is up 27-21. In the second quarter, Belize begins to pull away. Richard Troyer spots up for three and he sinks the pill. If you think it’s a fluke, well Troyer does it again from almost the very same spot. Richard Troyer would finish with thirteen points today. Dakin Braddick comes off bunch to show his offensive prowess off the missed shot. And hit man Marlon Garnett then goes to the left hand to pick up two of his game high twenty-two points and Belize leads 52-35 at the half.

Folks, it’s in the third quarter that team Belize breaks this one wide open. Milton Palacio dishes to Marlon Garnett and the sharpshooter hits the triple. From the left side Alex Carcamo hits the tre and it’s raining threes now. Carcamo would contribute ten points in the outing. Down low Keenan Jordan gets busy as he gets two of his twenty game points for Belize. And then he follows up with the breakaway one handed jam. At the end of three, the National Basketball Team is up 78-44. In the fourth, Herbie Allen deals to Kyron Stokes who responds with a big three. Stokes would put up twelve points off the bench. Keith Acosta then finds Herbie Allen and he knocks down the triple. Belize goes on to route Guatemala by thirty-seven points, 100-63.

Tomorrow Belize faces its biggest test when we battle panama who beat Guatemala by thirty-two points yesterday in the tournament. You know it’s money time so join us here at Channel Five tomorrow for live coverage of this monumental confrontation between Belize and Panama. I’m a Belizean and I know you are too. I’m James Adderley, reporting for News Five.

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#347980 - 08/12/09 05:44 AM dispite disqualification... [Re: Short]  
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Belize’s Basketball Team plays in spite of disqualification

[Linked Image] Today the Belize National Basketball Team, dubbed Belizean Heritage by the Association, continued its winning ways by demolishing Guatemala by a score of one hundred to sixty-four, the second thirty plus victory in as many days. Yesterday Belizean Heritage destroyed the Nicaraguans with a score of ninety-eight to sixty-seven. The morning after the thirty-one point victory, the first and big win did not have the celebration that it ought to have. The team status, however, is still up in the air as the team was disqualified and removed from the FIBA website. No statistics were ever posted online of Belize’s first game. FIBA, it turns out, was still in the process of making a ruling and Co-host William Neal and I of Open Your Eyes spoke to the players this morning in Cancun when they found out that some of the players were not eligible to play.

Milton Palacio, Belizean Heritage

“They’re saying five of us can play and the five that can play is myself, Clinton Fuller, Alex Carcamo, Ritchie and then we can use one alternate with the new guys that came and they’re saying that they don’t have any Belizean blood in them and they’re just getting a passport and we were just given passports, which to me is just terrible. It’s unfair to us because we’ve been in Belize three weeks working and playing and now we have to come out here to this and how can you say now that we don’t have the papers and we don’t have any legalization and all these players were coming illegal? Like I said, we hear they’re scared of us and they want I guess, to me, I think they want Mexico and those other teams as powerhouses to advance and I think seeing our game yesterday, they know that we’re not a joke and we’re coming to play hard and we’re coming to win. So the words I wanna say, I can’t really say but me personally, I think we’re gonna play it out and they gotta explain to the people of Belize what happen.”

Daren Bovell, Assistant Coach
“Milton Palacio and Alex Carcamo has the same status as the other seven players that they are not allowing to play. So we do not know exactly what is going on with the papers or who is making the decisions because we have seen some papers that they have presented but nothing really concrete from FIBA. The papers that they showed me, personally, it was a computer printed paper with some asterisk beside and no signature from FIBA, no person’s name, no FIBA letterhead or anything.”

Milton Palacio
“Everybody’s on the same page. First we were like let the five play and then we pick one alternate or whatever. I said no, we’re not gonna do that. Either we’re all not playing or we all gonna play but I say right now we all play. Like I said, let them deal with the bogus that they’re trying to do and sending letters like we don’t have our paperwork together or like we’re stupid. Come on, try something else.”

Alex Carcamo
“We came pretty stacked to this tournament and we’re just gonna go out no matter what the controversy is and just keep playing. I mean pretty much what it is, is teams are scared of us right now. They’ve seen that we bring our A squad and they’re nervous. Yesterday, I think had we won maybe by ten or five points, we wouldn’t be still getting all this controversy but after we put a beating on them last night everybody’s worried about Belize now.”

Daren Bovell
“They started to question the constitution of Belize, they start to say things like all the players that were born before 1981, they’re not sure if they qualify to play under that constitution because Belize was not Belize before 1981. So it’s a very big thing and I think it’s a very serious issue.”

Milton Palacio
“I think the government should definitely get behind us. I think that everybody involved, everybody in the ministry can get involved and send in letters or calling and I think they were supposed to have a meeting with Mr. Dean Barrow this morning and I think that everybody should be supportive because we have a really good team and I think that this is something that we can really build on and go forward and just being proud Belizeans and being proud of us and you know how we can really make a change. I think everybody should just keep supporting us and whoever can get involved back home with the ministries and Mr. Dean Barrow, he can call and make something happen I think that he should because I think, we as a team we’re not giving up right now; we wanna play.”

FIBA speaks about status of Belize’s players…

[Linked Image] The question of eligibility was discussed by Enrique Basulto, President of COCABA, in a News Five interview today in Cancun. Basulto spoke about the grounds for the disqualification of the Belize National Team from this tournament organized by COCABA.

Enrique Basulto, President COCABA (Translated from Spanish)

“The situation with Belize is that they turned in documents to FIBA America that had six players that needed to be revised by FIBA International. Based on this information, it was not clear whether they are players from Belize, by birth specifically. FIBA has a rule regarding nationalization, which states that each country can select one player with a questionable nationality status and that is what we told the Belizean team. There are no sanctions that will be put in place against Belize. This is just a matter of rules and procedures. Teams that play with players that FIBA has not approved, will play as part of invitational matches. They will not count officially for the tournament. We need to review the case of Belize. The federation needs to pay close attention to what has happened and work closely with the Central American organization so we could address these problems regarding documentation and the lack of organization by the federation. ”

Basulto says that Team Honduras has also been disqualified along the same lines as Team Belize. He says, however, that no sanctions will be taken against Belize but all games played by Belize will be merely treated as exhibition games.

…And pulls out age rule against players

[Linked Image] While the prowess of the Belizean team continues to be evident on the court, so too are the problems of eligibility off it. First there was the question of nationality; whether it was by naturalization or by descent. Then there were talks of missed deadlines. Does it end there? Sadly, no. News Five spoke to Attorney Godfrey Smith today, who was offering advice while watching the games in Cancun on Monday and Minister of Sports Elvin Penner, regarding the latest issue that FIBA America has with the talented Belizean Heritage.

Via Phone: Elvin Penner, Minister of Sports

“FIBA has made a ruling already initially that they were ineligible and we are in the process of appealing that decision. What we need to do now is appeal that decision by FIBA and the appeal will be heard in a few weeks time so very possible once we have made our appeal and they have accepted our appeal, we will more than likely be allowed to finish the competition but our fate will not be known until that appeal has been heard. We at the ministry, are certainly assisting them financially to lodge this appeal because it does cost some money to do that. In fact, they had meeting this morning with the prime minister. The prime minister has promised them some financial assistance to make sure that the appeal is going to be put in on time. And also he did make a call to the Secretary General of FIBA in Europe. There is not much that we could have done in terms of fighting our case. It would have to be done throughout Appeals Board.”

Godfrey Smith, Attorney
“It appears now that the latest word from the Secretary General is that they agree with us on the constitutionality of what we’re saying. They also agree that naturalization is not an issue. They are now saying and we’re hearing this for the first time—I am hearing it for the first time and my understanding is that the Belize Basketball Federation officials are also hearing it for first time. The issue is now this: they have pointing to a rule that I haven’t seen, which they are relying on to say that for the players to have been eligible, they must have claimed Belizean nationality by the age of sixteen which they did not, therefore they are not eligible.”

Jose Sanchez

“Mr. Penner I am understanding that they are bringing up an entire new rule. They are not questioning the Belizean by descent, they are now saying that there is some rule that they had to be sixteen years old and they should have accepted the Belizean nationality by the time they were sixteen. That is the new rule they are pulling out now to say that these players cannot play.”

Via Phone: Elvin Penner
“I am not aware of that. I just spoke to Mr. Murrillo and I haven’t gotten that information as yet. But I think we’re basing our argument on our constitution. If you are, by our constitution, a Belizean nationality once you have Belizean parents, then you did not have to nationalize. So I am not aware of this age thing but if that is so then we have to tackle that. But I don’t see how they can make a ruling on a certain rule and later on try and pull out a different rule to target. I just think that they are sabotaging our team seeing how well we’re playing and they’re trying to distract us but we have advised Mr. Thompson and Mr. Murrillo that whatever we, as a government, can do; one to appeal and make sure that they finish the tournament, or even if we have to take it to the courts afterwards, we will assist in any way possible to do that.”

Godfrey Smith
“As a consequence the secretary general maintains that Belize can go ahead and play. If it wins, it won’t get any medals and it won’t get any points in relation to overall competition. So that’s where matters stand.”

Jose Sanchez
“The team just playing an exhibition game at this point?”

Via Phone: Elvin Penner
“No, we are certainly playing for the tournament, but like I said, we will not know if we will be awarded any points for the games at this point in time until our appeals has been heard.”

Local fans support national basketball team

And while we have heard from COCABA, the players, the Minister of Sports and the legal advisor of Team Belize, what are people saying on the streets? News Five took to court of the public opinion.

Citizen # 1

“I’m supporting the Belizeans all the way. I think FIBA are just scared now that Belize has put together a very, very good team to defend us in the COCABA championships. They are scared of us so they can’t do nothing now. When we lost against Mexico last year we did not say anything. We just came back, we did our research and now we are better and come on.”

Citizen # 2
“I consider this an outrage and a travesty. These Belizean Americans, they derived their culture and heritage from Belize. They may have had parents and both parents were born down here went to study abroad. So then therefore they should not be a ban on them to play. It goes against everything we stand for as Belizeans.”

Citizen # 3
“I don’t think its fear, if they are allowed to play any other game in the city or why should it be a difference if they are abroad. They are representing us, we are one Belizeans.”

Duane Moody
“Do you think maybe it’s a plot because Belize has won two games straight, it’s a plot to kick them out of the competition and not have them win?”

Citizen # 3
“I would say so, yeah.”

Duane Moody
“Okay, so you’re giving them your full support.”

Citizen # 3
“I’m giving them my full support, hundred percent—go Belize.”

Citizen # 4
“This is not right and I really don’t support what FIBA is doing because come on their roots are here no matter what if you are form descent or you were actually born in Belize. Because they are winning and whenever Belize does anything great everybody supports it and I don’t think that being so prejudice to something like this is going to do anything good for us. So I think Belize should stand up and support this great feat that we are doing. So Belize, I support you all the way.”

Later on in the newscast, we’ll have James Adderley’s play by play on this afternoon’s victory against Guatemala at the Benito Juarez Poliforum.

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#348131 - 08/13/09 05:21 AM We also beat Panama! [Re: Short]  
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After Honduras, Guatemala, and despite being disqualified with apparently newly made up rules, Team Belize beats Panama. You rock Pulu!

Originally Posted by Channel5Belize
Belize wins third COCABA game and beats Panama

[Linked Image] Belize ninety-two, Panama eighty-eight and with that score Belize’s unblemished record on the court continued in the COCABA Championship for men. Although Team Belize is not ranked among the top fifty, our dream team defeated Panama despite its ranking as twenty-ninth on the world basketball charts. Team Belize proved too much for Team Panama. Despite rumours of a no show by Team Panama for today’s match, the game was off to an interesting start and in the final quarter the score remained close but in the end Belize secured its third win.

Team Belize is hoping to guarantee a spot in next year’s Centro Basket Tournament on the way to the 2012 London Olympics. But that might just be forlorn hope for Belize as FIBA’s position is still uncertain due to the Belize team fielding five players deemed ineligible. According to information received from our team in Cancun, Belize is merely playing as a visitor and not a competitor. News Five’s correspondent, Ava Lovell, spoke with President of the Belize Basketball Federation, Paul Thompson, who says that a formal appeal has been sent out to FIBA Switzerland about this development. Thompson says that a response must be given before the semi-finals of the tournament scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday.

Paul Thompson, President, Belize Basketball Federation

“We received a letter yesterday indicating that the games are unofficial and that they are having us play but it is not official. So that is the status of what they are saying.”

Ava Lovell
“So hence the reason for the appeal?”

Paul Thompson
“Exactly, so we are appeal based on that. An appeal has been formally sent to FIBA offices in Switzerland along with payment of a fee for an appeal and we have received acknowledgement of receipt of this appeal from FIBA Secretary General, Mr. Baumann.”

Ava Lovell

“Is there any indication as to how long before you get a response?”

Paul Thompson

“No, we haven’t gotten any word of how long a response will be, but we indicated in our mail that it is urgent and that we are about to play our third game of the first round and that we are looking forward to moving on to the next round.”

Ava Lovell

“Okay, so if a response is not received prior to the semifinals round what would that mean for Belize?”

Paul Thompson

“Right now the status is that the games are unofficial and we want to look at it positively and we believe that we will get a response before game time tomorrow. We will continue on course.”

We will keep our ears to the ground in Cancun and make an announcement as soon as Team Belize’s status is finalized before semi-final play. Tune into Channel Five’s Morning Show Open Your Eyes and News Five for continued coverage of the COCABA Championship for Men from Cancun.

What a humiliation for the Spanish Central American majority being beaten by the smallest and only English speaking country! Reason enough to think up some new rules to disqualify the pirate nation. It's the Battle of St. George's Caye all over again with Hon. Dean Barrow in the role of Superintendent Lieutenant-Colonel Barrow commanding the Belizeans during the hostilities.

Originally Posted by Channel5Belize
FIBA rejection of national team forces PM involvement

[Linked Image] The game between Belize and Panama is over, but the tough battle is still looming ahead and it’s not even with the Mexican team either. It is the International Basketball Federation’s vehemence for claiming that most of the players who were not born in Belize were naturalized citizens, and only one of which would be able to play per game according to FIBA rules. But the players aren’t naturalized so that didn’t work. And on last night’s newscast, we reported on the new age rule that FIBA threw at the team. The fans and supporters cried foul and the prime minister via phone today confirmed that FIBA’s new rule is apparently not even in the rule book.

Via Phone: Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“Even a knowledge of the rules can’t help you if it turns out that governing bodies will do a number in the way it appears the FIBA body has done a number. I am saying that when I saw the rules afterwards, the rules don’t say what the general secretary told me so it seems that we’re so much at the mercy of the whims of these international sporting bodies that it’s a great pity. I didn’t have a copy of the rules with me at the time and so when the Secretary General said the rules said A and the rules said B I was in no position to argue. After I had completed the call, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Murillo had arrived and they brought me a copy of the rules. In a sense it was a pity I wasn’t able to speak from knowledge of the rules when I was dialoguing with Mister Baumann. In any event I don’t know that it would have made any difference just to put me in a stronger position to argue the case from a position of authority. Mr. Baumann is saying that it has nothing to do with whether these Belizean players are naturalized Belizeans or Belizeans by descent. They accept fully that these players are Belizeans by descent but he’s saying that according to the rules if you are entitled to nationality by descent and you don’t take it up before you’re sixteen then that’s a problem in terms of you’re playing for, in this case, the Belizean National Team. When I looked at the rules afterwards, the rules say no such thing. In any case we went back and forth. And at the end he said it was not his personal decision. The secretariat or the governing body had met and discussed this issue and the decision was what it was. I asked him—I indicated that we would be seeking to protest and to appeal and I asked him to indicate to the governing body that we really needed for them to keep the matter under review and basically that’s how the conversation ended.”

The Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Finance is taking up the cost of the appeal and he will do whatever he can to see the issue resolved.

And even the Olympic Committee never heard of the rules used to disqualify Belize. The word has it that the rule might date back all the way to Pope Alexander VI.

Originally Posted by Channel5Belize
Olympic Committee says no competition age rule

[Linked Image] The COCABA games in Cancun are the first in a series of competitions that lead to the 2012 Olympics in London. That begs the question, “Are the rules and regulations for a person or team representing Belize at the Olympics any different than the FIBA regulated COCABA games?” That’s what News Five Jose Sanchez asked a member of the Olympic Committee today. Not only it seems that the requirements are the same, but there aren’t any age requirements for acceptance of nationality.

Yolanda Fonseca, Belize Olympic Committee

“The qualification to go to represent the country is that, first and foremost, you must be a Belizean. If you have a Belizean passport, that is to say that your government has accepted you as a Belizean. So there is nothing that says that you have to show a record that you are naturalized or anything of that sort unless the country has required it. Once you bare the passport for being a Belizean, it is understood that you belong to Belize. The second requirement, that is most important, is the fact that the athlete should not have represented any other country for a minimum of three years.”

Jose Sanchez

“Does that mean that athlete can’t play in a competition at that country or they have to represent that country at a national level?”

Yolanda Fonseca

“To represent the country itself. For instance, if you’re going to be talking about representing a country, say for instance, in the United States. If that team is going to another country to represent the country then that person is affiliated to that country and therefore, they will have to wait three years before they are able to represent another country and of course, there are processes that take place.”

Jose Sanchez

“So if it’s just on a local team in the country itself…”
Yolanda Fonseca[b]
“That is not a requirement. We have a number of people studying in the United States who participate representing their school and that is not a problem.”
Jose Sanchez

“I spoke to the Prime Minister today and he said that what they told him is that they did not accept nationality by the age of sixteen so they can't play. After looking at the rule book, he could not find that rule.”

Yolanda Fonseca
“Exactly so. There is no rule that we are aware of where we can say that you have to be sixteen years old as a Belizean to say that you are a Belizean. There is no rule that we know of and we have taken other teams away and we haven’t had this presented to us in the past.”

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#348222 - 08/14/09 05:56 AM Costa Rica beaten! [Re: Short]  
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Belize beats Costa Rica and heads to COCABA finals

[Linked Image] Yesterday it was Panama, today in semifinal play Team Belize—Belizean Heritage—won comfortably over Costa Rica by twenty-four points on the way to proving that games should be settled on the court. Final score: Belize ninety-nine, Costa Rica seventy-five. So what’s next for our Dream Team? Team Mexico in the finals. Yesterday Mexico demolished Costa Rica by one score of a hundred and one to sixty-six. If you care to do some basketball analysis and do the math Mexico won by thirty-five points, while Belize won by only twenty-four points. What that means in the scheme of things as Belize draws one step closer to gold is anybody’s guess. Reports out of Cancun earlier today suggested that COCABA officials were agitating that Costa Rica face Panama instead of Team Belize. Fortunately for Belize, Panama took a stand and COCABA officials were forced to continue with the tournament as scheduled. Reports are that if Belize defeats Mexico tomorrow or not, our medal standing will hinge on the pending appeal. If Belize wins the appeal, we are guaranteed a spot in next year’s Centro Basket Tournament on the way to the 2012 London Olympics. We encourage you to tune once again to Channel Five’s Morning Show Open Your Eyes and News Five for continued coverage of the COCABA Championship for Men from Cancun.

Heroes welcome for team Belize

[Linked Image] And Minister of Sports, Elvin Penner, left the country this morning to join the throng of supporters standing behind the Belize National Team in Cancun, Mexico. Penner, along with representatives from his ministry, will also accompany the team on their return trip to Belize. When they touch down at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, following a hero’s welcome, the players will be escorted by motorcade from the airport through the main streets of Belize City. The celebrations, however, don’t stop there because following the parade their will be a grand rally at the City Center. The route and times will be announced at a later date but everyone is invited to attend.

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#348334 - 08/15/09 05:15 AM Belize faces Mexico in final [Re: Short]  
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Team Belize faces Mexico in COCABA final

[Linked Image] The road to gold for Team Belizean Heritage has meant defeating Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica. Tonight, in a little more than an hour, the focus will switch to Team Mexico which besides having home-court-advantage has also been dubbed as the best Mexican National Team yet. For our own dream team, it will be an uphill battle as they enter as the underdogs. But the battle over the past week has not been restricted to the court as questions of eligibility, of some of our players, has been the biggest battle in Cancun. While it has fueled the players to rise above the fray, the battle with Mexico tonight doesn’t mean the end of the war. Belize has been removed from FIBA website, and our status remains in question despite an appeal launched by the Belize Basketball Federation (B.B.F.). Today, News Five caught up with the federation’s President Paul Thompson in Cancun and its Secretary General Julian Murrillo at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (P.G.I.A)before boarding a Cancun flight for the latest.

Paul Thompson, President, B.B.F.

“We are scheduled to play the championship game versus Mexico for the last game. So we haven’t received anything officially from FIBA yet if this game will be official or not. But one issue is that we are playing and we’re playing against Mexico and if everything were in order and we were here, we would have been playing for the gold medal. This is what we want to show to the rest of the world, that we are capable of competing at this level in this region. What we want to do is to go ahead in the tournament and whatever decision is made is left up to the tribunal that will be held, I guess, in the next coming days or coming weeks; however long that will take. The only update that we had gotten yesterday is that we would be getting soon the order of how the appeal process will work.”

Julian Murrillo, Secretary General, Belize Basketball Federation

“I think this has galvanized not just the team but also the nation, but for the guys they are taking it really personal with all the challenges and hurdles that we’ve been through with this eligibility issues.”

Duane Moody

“Mr. Murrillo, the problem or the issue still remains that is Belize going to be stripped of this title when they do win it? I’m not going to say if because we know they are. When they do win it? What are your comments on that and what will you guys do should in case that happens?”

Julian Murrillo

“At this moment it is still a fifty-fifty thing. As a matter of fact, I got an email this morning from Patrick Baumann, the head of FIBA, basically saying that our request for an expeditious process for the appeal, they will ask us to give them a little bit of time. Considering that they have provisionally agreed for us to complete this particular tournament. So that’s good news that they are acknowledging that we are gonna finish this tournament and win this tournament. But we will follow very closely over the next week or so. Typically it takes about fourteen days for the appeal process to run through its course. So we will be right on top of it—taking it to the last breath. We are locked into the process now and we are certainly not going to give up with all the support that we have been getting from Belize and indeed from the wider Caribbean as well.”

Paul Thompson

“They are very hype, prepared, focused, especially our veteran guys. I think they find this a very challenging match and I think they want to prove to the rest of the world and to the rest of the region that we can compete at this level. I know that in 2006, when Mexico came to play Belize, they beat us handily and some of the guys that didn’t play in those games, watched those games and they are looking forward to this challenge today. It would be wonderful for us to beat Mexico and to prove to everyone out there that in basketball we can be number one and that is going to make, I believe, Belize proud and it will show the rest of he world that three hundred thousand strong is—well it’s not much but when we come we come hard.”

As late as yesterday, COCABA officials unsuccessfully agitated for Costa Rica to face Panama instead of Team Belize. Fortunately for Belize, Panama took a stand and COCABA officials were forced to continue with the semi-final round of the tournament based on present team standings. If Belize defeats Mexico tonight or not, our medal standing of gold or silver will hinge on the appeal and Belize could very well walk away empty handed in the end. If Belize wins the appeal, we are guaranteed a spot in next year’s Centro Basket Tournament on the way to the 2012 London Olympics. We encourage you to stay tuned once again to Channel Five for live, play by play action, after the newscast with James Adderley and Leonard Ysaguirre.

Veteran basketball player “Too Tall” gives his predictions

[Linked Image] The discussion over home grown and international players has almost fallen dormant in the face of the success of Team Belizean Heritage in Cancun. In yesterday’s newscast, we spoke with basketball officials about the need for better sporting facilities and also the re-establishment of a semi-pro league to showcase local talent. One name that came out of that league is Claude “Too Tall” Jones. Actually, his name has been in basketball circles for the past twenty years and today News Five managed to play catch up with him. Jones, now thirty six, shared his views on the performance of the national team, his gripe over not being selected to the team, and even gave his projections for the outcome of Belize’s toughest contender thus far, Mexico.

Claude “Too Tall” Jones, Veteran Basketball Player

“Yoh need experience guys, yoh need size, yoh need guys weh been there before and from dis thing start dah all about me and Mr. Smith and Fred Garcia. Yoh got wah couple guys—Bart Sanchez—yoh got some good guys eena Belize. So to me, I noh got no problem wid di team cause I proud ah weh di team di do right now but sizes, eena one tournament you could look pan it one way but when we talk bout Panama, dat dah noh di real Panama weh we meet out deh. Mexico, well dat dah wah different story dat but di team, when ih come down to di team talent wise from one to three, players wise like from one to three—number one spot, number two spot to number three, we solid. We need fi strengthen up pan di four and di five.”

Marion Ali

Okay, but are you saying that you feel slighted that you did not make the team considering your height of six-eleven, you should have been there?”

Claude “Too Tall” Jones

“Naturally, yes cause I wah play my role, I wah do weh I need fi do. Dat dah di main thing about it and dis dah weh di players dehn need. You need fi know yoh role and weh you gwein go do out deh, weh dah di plus weh you wah do fi di team. I proud ah di team and I proud ah di coaches and di manager weh dehn di do out deh, but I would seh well, yes I should ah mi deh pan di team or not but I should ah mi be fi he decision. Ih should ah mi give me at least wah shot or invite mi at least.”

Marion Ali

“Why you think you didn’t make it?”

Claude “Too Tall” Jones

“I think I slightly outta basketball wah lee bit because I got two sports weh I di play right now. I di get fi love cricket more dan basketball right now. I di look fi do a switch because we noh got wah professional level yah dah Belize weh we di play. Mexico dah wah real—I think dehn deh eena di same confidence wid we wid certain players weh dehn di seh dah no Mexican and weh dehn seh dah no Belizean. Dehn got at least bout five players weh yoh could complain pan dehn. But I think we wah win di game. I could count pan three man pan di team weh I know wah pull it off. I like the guy Garnett, I like how he di play right now. So to me I seh Belize wah win. Ih wah be much closer doh, ih wah be like wah lee five point win or something like dat. Ih noh wah be over ten.”

Fans on the ground offer final hour support before game…

But “Too Tall” is not the only one making predictions. News Five took to the streets to find out how the average Belizean is calling it.

Fred Garcia, Basketball Player

“I guess like every Belizean who has been following, I am and I am actually looking forward to a good show from our boys.”

Duane Moody

“You were part of the 1998 team that actually brought home gold for Belize, what do you feel are the chances this year around. I know you’re not in there but what are the chances that our males have to bring home gold for us.”

Fred Garcia

“Like every Mexican teams we play, they don’t necessarily want to run. I think if our boys get up and play some solid D, we’ll win that’s for certain.”

Duane Moody

“The game tonight, between Belize Mexico; the finals for the COCABA tournament, are you anticipating it?”

Hugh Staine, Basketball Fan

“I don’t see why our boys can’t win that game. Sure Mexico is bigger, they have shooters but our boys they play an up tempo basketball game so they should run those big guys and by the fourth quarter should take over the game.”

Duane Moody

“Okay, any advice for them during the game what they need to do or anything of that sort?”

Hugh Staine

“Basically, keep their composure, play with heart. They have nothing to lose, make Belize proud. We’ll be here waiting for them tomorrow.”

Duane Moody

“Are you supporting our guys that are out there representing us for the COCABA games?”

Kamisha Clarke, Basketball Fan

“Of course, I am.”

Duane Moody

“Do you feel like they are going to win?”

Kamisha Clarke


Duane Moody

“Why do you say so?”

Kamisha Clarke

“Because they are strong and to see that they didn’t want us to be qualified, they still carry on and play their best and we proved to them that we are the best.”

Duane Moody

“Do you think they are going to win tonight against Mexico who has quite a formidable team?”

Shawna Banner, Basketball Fan

“Most definitely we are going to win tonight because we are the best hello and when bad happen to you, good follows so I know we wah win most definitely.”

On Saturday, Team Belizean Heritage returns and they will be welcomed from the COCABA games with a motorcade through the main streets of Belize City. The procession will leave from the P.G.I.A. at two-twenty and make its way down the Northern Highway and through the principal streets of the city, ending with a rally at the City Centre.

…And more fans take flight to witness game in Cancun

[Linked Image] With Belize’s international basketball history being written so close to home in Cancun, Mexico; Belizeans are trekking north by any means necessary to be witnesses. One business that has benefited as a result is Maya Island Air through its recently inaugurated, direct flight to Cancun. Hoping to lessen the home court advantage of Mexico by supporting Team Belizean Heritage at court side, basketball fanatics countrywide have been packing their bags and catching Maya’s flights to Cancun. News Five headed to the Phillip Goldson International Airport (P.G.I.A.) where we spoke with some of the ecstatic fans and Maya Island Air’s Regional Airport Manager.

Jose Armando Fajardo, Regional Airport Mgr, Maya Island Air

“Since the tournament started on Monday, on Sunday we started to see the increase in passengers in approximately thirty percent. For example today, we were transporting fifty-two passengers to Cancun so that shows that Belizeans are behind the national team one hundred percent.”

Fidencia Rivero, Basketball Fan

“We di go da Cancun fi bring in the goal. We have all di fate. With god everything is possible and we know that God is with us.”

Duane Moody

“And you are traveling by yourself or your family?”

Fidencia Rivero

“No I am carrying a friend with me, a little boy. I think he wah enjoy it more than me, but God knows it all.”

Duane Moody

“Have you always been a fan of basketball?”

Fidencia Rivero

“Of course, of course. I always be because my husband love it.”

Julian Murrillo, Secretary General, Belize Basketball Federation

“We couldn’t miss this for the world, it’s a pity the entire country of Belize couldn’t make this trip. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is as far as we’ve come in basketball in this region in a very long time. So very excited and I’m extremely anxious for the plane to land for me to get in the auditorium to see how the guys would perform tonight.”

Duane Moody

“What do you think are the chances for Belize knocking out Mexico out of the waters?”

Julian Murrillo

“Umm good—to be honest with you—good. I think umm, from the mere fact of our performances in the first rounds, people are saying that Belize is the favorite.”

Duane Moody

“Is there any hopes of the frequency of flights to and from Cancun to increase over the period of time?”

Jose Armando Fajardo

“Yes I think that it will depend on the market, but right now we only want to show the people that we have the resources to comply with another flight—the human resources and the equipment to open a new flight to any of the three destinations—international destinations—we are operating right now so we are ready to do that.”

Live and let live
#348606 - 08/18/09 05:07 AM Silver for Team Belize!! [Re: Short]  
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Team Belize Returns with Silver from Mexico

[Linked Image] On Friday night, Belize’s national basketball team played for the gold at the COCABA championships in Cancun. The stakes were high: the Belizean team had battled adversity throughout the games to get to the championship again – and they ended p facing the host country and tournament favourite, Mexico. So how can a team from a country with a population of three hundred thousand ever hope to challenge a team from a country of 110 million? With speed and skill, that’s how. Jules Vasquez found out how close they came.

Jules Vasquez Reporting,

The hardware was on display as the players did their pre game stretches. The Belizean cheering section was ready but on this night the Mexicans had us outnumbered even had a wave going – or in this case, una onda. Extra security was in place to make sure there were no incidents.

Belize came out pushing the ball and slashing its scrappiness contrasting with the offensive precision and perimeter shooting of Mexico which seemed to have a shooter at all 5 positions. But Belize had its own perimeter shooting: Marlon Garnett was on fire from the three point line.

Belize pushed the ball even off made baskets – in this case Milton Palacio driving and then kicking it out to Marlon Garnett for another three. That was the strategy to keep the slower Mexicans on their heels by pushing the ball up to court on every possession – in this case scoring with just 5 seconds ticking off the shot clock. Or in this case, scoring in 6 seconds off a made basket. Marlon Garnett was even scoring three’s off the fast break as Belize broke out to a 23 to 16 first quarter lead.

[Linked Image] And while Belize had speed, Mexico had precision, exploiting Belize’s weak interior defence leading Mexico to trim down the lead. Milt Palacio ended the quarter with this last second shot to leave Belize up by three at the end of the first.

In the second quarter the Mexicans stepped up their defence smothering Marlon Garnett. Romel Beck’s array of skills, and Noe Alonzo’s shooting would be the difference makers and they led Mexico to take a commanding 9 point lead into the locker room at the half meaning a 12 point scoring differential in Mexico’s favour in the second period. But Belize battled back, in the third quarter the attack would be led by Milton Palacio who brought Belize to within 4 with this bucket – and Alex Carcamo who on this hustle play kept it at within 5 and on this tough turnaround, he brought it back to four.

Free throws by Garnett would give Belize a one point lead at the end of the third quarter in this up and down game. Mexico had deep scoring too – this three would put them back on top by 1 and this other shot by Alonzo again would put them up three with five minutes left – while Rommel Beck pushed it to 5.

Still, Belize remained poised, and Marlon Garnett’s eighth three of the night tied it with under three minutes left. Marlon Garnett continued his incredible shooting to give Belize a one point lead with 1:47 remaining. The Mexicans went to their go to guy Horacio Llamas who was too deep in the paint for an outsized Alex Carcamo to stop to give Mexico a one point lead. Mexico would score another two to go ahead by three with 39.5 seconds remaining.

[Linked Image] Marlon Garnett curled off a baseline screen and responded with this three his tenth of the night to tie it up with thirty seconds to play. Belize immediately went into a trapping defense which Horacio exploited by slipping his defender and cutting down the middle for what looked to be an open lay-up until he was stripped from behind Keenan Jourdon.

The ref called it as flagrant – meaning two free throws possession of the ball (24:06) but look again, it is not even a personal foul, it is a clean strip, “lone ball” as they say, and not a difficult play to make on a three hundred and twenty pound man who is lumbering towards the rim. But despite protestation, the bad call stood, Llamas converted his free throws and on the possession belize was forced to foul Pedroza, who scored only one of his free throws – leaving the lead at three with 15 seconds remaining.

Milton Palacio brought the ball up court, Marlon Garnett came off a baseline screen on the left side, but the Mexicans switched on everything leaving Gustavo Ayon, a seven footer [Linked Image] on Garnett. When Garnett was doubled, he was forced to toss it back to Palacio, and Ayon switched back over, and his three with time running out his three pointer didn’t have a prayer. A sad ending for what had been a miraculous run but the team remained dignified.

And they were appreciated at home- that was apparent when they arrived at the Phillip Goldson International and they were greeted as heroes. Outside, the airport looked like a carnival as the motorcade got organized and the team was celebratory.

Marlon Garnett, Team Belize
“Man we in the building. We brought back the silver but it’s all good.”

And while Alex Carcamo took a sip from the cup of pride, the patriotic spirit was on display and the flags were everywhere. Belizeans stood or jumped up on sidewalks, verandahs, truck backs, and even a Minister on a day off came out to cheer. It was spirited on street corners and sentimental on sidewalks and emotional in Charlie Burgess’s family’s neighbourhood.

In all, the motorcade took about two and a half hours to wend its way through the city in a patriotic frenzy. It ended at the City Center where the drums set the stage for an extended autograph session and an opportunity for the captain of the national team and the captain of the ship of state to have an informal chat before the big speech.

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

[Linked Image] “When we all come together Belizeans living at home and Belizeans living abroad and we will use all our resources to get to the top of the highest possible mountains. Congratulations again to all the members of Team Belize. Congratulations to the organizers, to those who put this team together, and before I close I want to make you one promise: I will find the funds to build a dedicated first class basketball facility. The achievement of Team Belize deserves no less.”

“God is great. The President of CDB happened to be here on Thursday, had come to talk to me about the fact that CDB wants to have a general capital increase and wants to ramp up its lending to the borrowing member countries in the light of the global crisis. And one of the first things I said to him was in terms of the new lending program, the Belizean projects that we will put in the pipeline, can you lend for a basketball facility and he said that in the context of urban rejuvenation, in the context of the social problems that we are having in Belize City, he thought the answer was yes.

If I can ultimately come through in terms of doing something to concretely signal and underline the gratitude that we feel as a nation, the gratitude that the government feels, then I am afraid I will have to, I am not even going to contemplate that – it’s going to happen.”

Jules Vasquez,

“You know we were robbed and I know there is no official protest.”

Hon. Dean Barrow,

“We was robbed.”

Jules Vasquez,

“We was robbed and I know there is no official protest to be filed but I would hope that whenever you see the Mexican President you can indicate to him that you know you owe us one.”

Hon. Dean Barrow,

“I think he is the next one we will ask for the stadium.”

The Prime Minister gave each player a signed flag.

Jules Vasquez,

“Going through the streets today, did you feel the love?”

Milton Palacio, Team Belize

“Ahh it was great man. You cannot even explain it. You cannot explain what the parade was about. I told Alex that in 1998 it wasn’t even like this and we won gold so coming here and winning silver was great.”

Jules Vasquez,

“You got cold seed, goose bumps?”

Milton Palacio,

“Of course man it is great because you know the country is behind you and that is biggest thing. Everybody was positive, everybody was saying in our hearts we are number one, even though we won the silver.”

Jules Vasquez,

“I’ve seen you in Serbia with Valde hugging you up and you are rousing the crowd, how does this compare to that?”

Milton Palacio,

“I think it is more because you are playing for your country. I played in Serbia and it was good but playing for your country is even better and even sweeter.”

It’s of note that the Mexican team shot 62% from the field and 68% from the three point line – and it’s virtually impossible to beat a team that’s allowed to shoot that well. Belize shot 48% from the field and 52% from three led by Marlon Garnett’s ten three-pointers. He ended with a game high 43 points. As regards the basketball facility discussed by the Prime Minister, he said he will also ask the Venezuelans for assistance as they plan to hold the next petrocaribe summit in Belize. And we’ll have much more from Cancun later on in the newscast as Keith Swift takes us inside the journey of the Belize team.

Live and let live
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James Adderley analyzes COCABA basketball final

[Linked Image] Good evening I’m James Adderley and we’re certainly very privileged to present to you this package of Sports Monday. The nation was riveted by the 2009 COCABA Basketball Championship as it was staged at Cancun, Mexico last week where in four days Belize beat Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica despite the attempt to force Belize out of the proceedings. Thanks to the unity and focus of the Belize National Team and with some help from Panama, the organizers were unable to prevent Belize from appearing in the gold medal game Friday night against the host team, Mexico who had also won four ballgames in a row. With a large Belizean presence at Cancun, Keenan Jordan jumps against Mexico’s Horacio Llamas and the struggle for supremacy in COCABA 2009 begins in earnest. Belize finds itself down by six in the opening minutes before Marlon Garnett eludes his man to land the three pointer. Milton Palacio, the wily general, then streaks in for the nice lay into the net. And of course, Alex Carcamo, who had an impressive tournament all around, then goes to work to get three the hard way. At the end of the first Mexico is up 23-16. In the second Carcamo picks up where he left off, striking for two off the feed from Charlie Burgess. Carcamo would strike for twenty-six points in this one. However, the interior play of the Mexico team proved to be a formidable obstacle to our national team as demonstrated right here. At the other end, Milt stops and pops with time running out for a crucial bucket in the second as Belize pulls to within three. Palacio would hit sixteen points in this one. However, it’s Mexico in the drivers’ seat when Romel Beck gets this three pointer to fall. Fortunately, Milton Palacio responds in kind immediately off the left side to pull Belize within six. And here is Marlon Garnett hitting another triple. He would hit ten three pointers and total the game high of forty-three points tonight. On the next press Keenan Jordan gets the bucket, picks up the foul and sinks the freebie for the three point conversion. Jordan would tally ten points. At the half, Belize is down 54-45.

In the third, Palacio sees the lane open and goes all the way for two. Alex Carcamo goes into the paint and fades for a bucket despite being fouled his free throw conversion would pull Belize to within seven. In the meantime, folks we just couldn’t handle Horacio Llamas down low and he makes us pay every time. Still at the end of three, Belize is only down 78-77. And folks, this is a picture of Belize inside the Benito Juarez Stadium at Cancun. In the fourth, Marlon Garnett continues to sizzle from long distance and Garnett truly convinces the world of his three point shooting capabilities with another big long distance bucket here. Folks, we’re tied at 103-apiece with twenty point two seconds to go in the ballgame when Llamas is stripped cleanly from behind by Keenan Jordan and to the amazement of the world, the referee not only rules foul, he deems it flagrant. Llamas hits both to give Mexico a two point lead. Possession off the flagrant call is devastating to Belize, who must now foul the host team gets one out of two to make it a 3 point lead. Here is Belize trying to force the tie. Palacio can’t get the pill to Marlon Garnett so he has to take the three point shot himself. It feels short as Belize loses the gold medal to Mexico 106-104 thanks to a phantom call by the referee. Keep in mind though folks, Mexico got fifty-five points off their bench, Belize only got five.

Keenan Jordan, Belizean Heritage

“It’s bittersweet because we know we could have won the game. When it comes down to one play, one call, there is really nothing much we could do. We played a great game, Marlon played an excellent game. To me, he was the best player in the whole tournament. When we got here nobody thought that we would do anything. Even the first day when we played Nicaragua, we beat them by thirty. It was a great tournament and hopefully everything works out so we can play in Centro-Basket next year.”

Marlon Garnett, Belizean Heritage

“I think we accomplished a whole lot in the last month. We came together as a team, practicing in the hot gym back in Belize. We came here this week and proved to a lot of people that Belizean basketball is on the rise. It’s bittersweet but we’ll take it.”

Ava Lovell

“You really, really, really played a really good game today. What were you thinking as you were on the court tonight?”

Marlon Garnett

“Well, anytime you’re in a championship game you just try to leave it out there and tonight the balls were going in, which was good. It allowed us to stay in the game and once I hit a few, I just found a good rhythm and I think they were doing a good job of getting me the ball in the right position and too bad I didn’t hit enough of them to get a win.”

Alex Carcamo, Belizean Heritage

“It’s a downer because we wanted the gold real bad but Mexico played their hearts out. Had it not been for that last call, it would have been a good game all the way through but this was more than basketball, like I told you from before. I think we gained our respect on the map, all over the world. We had to fight and fight and fight just to play these games. We could have easily walked away but we didn’t and our key word throughout this tournament was resurrection and I think that’s what we did tonight.”

Milton Palacio, Belizean Heritage

“You know, we wanted to come here and win but you know things happen and they played well and we played well and you know it’s gonna be hard to swallow but we know that we qualify for next year so we’re gonna keep this team together and definitely build on it.”

Ava Lovell

“Now, Milton, you were the captain of this team and I have to say you did an excellent job as the captain. You really carried this team. Like I said before, there was no one player that was dominant. Today Marlon stepped up and I know that’s the way basketball goes that it could be anybody’s match.”

Milton Palacio

“Yeah, definitely. The biggest thing is that we never really set out to come to the game and say that one of us have to come in and have a big game. The biggest thing is we said let’s just try to win and in all the guys’ locker rooms we’d agree on that and say let’s just try to win. But, like I said, it’s bittersweet. It’s great because we did represent Belize in the best way but it’s gonna hurt that we lost this.”

Folks, Belize is the silver medallist and we qualify for next year’s Centro-Basket pending the results of FIBA’s ruling on the question of players’ eligibility on the Belize roster. It’s a hard pill to swallow but time will tell and we say a public thank you to the entire Belize National Basketball Team.

Turning to the football scene, the female title boiled down a one game outing at Dangriga where Pumas Girls hosted Gentle Touch after least week’s 2-2 tie at Esperanza. The Pumas Girls looks to grab the quick lead when Nykemah Kuylen mounts this attack off the left side to unleash this bomb that rises over the crossbar. Kuylen gets another good look at goal on this press but fails to get the ball past the keeper. This time it’s Nataki Alvarez who gets all the way in front of the Esperanza goal only to fail at the very end. Dangriga finally breaks through when Nykemah Kuylen smacks this left foot past Eden Gentle for the 1-zip lead. Some seven minutes later, Dorita Ramos swings this left foot into the far corner and the Pumas Girls are up 2-zip. Just before the half expires, Kimberly Perez escapes the Griga defense but Patricia Marin takes her down from behind inside the eighteen, conceding the penalty kick. Abbi Halliday steps up to pull one back for Esperanza for the 2-1 score at the half. When play resumes, Griga begins to push again. Kuylen comes up with the possession and heads towards goal only to be foiled by goalkeeper Eden Gentle. We’re late into second half when Abbi Halliday raises this ball to the Griga goal. Sharon Vasquez is beaten by an easy ball and we have a tied game and the end of regulation. Gentle Touch Esperanza goes on to grab the 2009 female Football Title 5-3 from the penalty spot and we say congratulations to the champ. To the Pumas Girls, we say it’s hard but it’s fair.

In other football action, week two in the Belize Bank Super League saw San Pedro Islanders and San Felipe Barcelona rally to a 3-3 tie, Texmar United Embarrassed Kraal Road 5-zip, Cayo South United doubled Hattieville FC 2-1, Valley Renaissance edged Placencia Assassin 1-zip while Paradise Freedom Fighters stopped Santa Elena Synergy 3-1. This weekend’s schedule finds five Sunday matches. Hattieville will host Kraal Road, Cayo South heads to San Felipe, Placencia Assassin gets a visit from Texmar, Paradise Fighters take on Valley Renaissance at Toledo Union and Synergy FC will host San Pedro at Santa Elena Stadium.

Hey folks, that’s our show fro today. We invite you back same time, same place, next week. Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

Live and let live
#348611 - 08/18/09 07:06 AM Re: Silver for Team Belize!! [Re: Short]  
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Otteralum Offline
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whooooohooooo! Congratulations Belize!!!!!

I will have a Belikin -- put it on klcman's tab.
#348707 - 08/19/09 04:34 AM Re: Silver for Team Belize!! [Re: Otteralum]  
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Short Offline
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You Better Belize it, next time for Gold!

Live and let live
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Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
We manage a variety of homes, apartments, condos and commercial properties here on Ambergris Caye. Our minimum lease on ALL properties is six months.
Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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Cayo Espanto
Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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