If You Love Poems....

There’s a new book of verse – but unlike many popular poets, Maggie Gillharry isn’t dabbling with social issues or fussing with form – she’s going straight for the heart.

Her book is called “Solitary Soul” – it’s got 36 poems are about love, but more than that, they examine not only the extremes of passion, but the gray areas of domestic bliss and misery.

She told Keith Swift about it.

Maggie Gilharry, Poet
“All the poems are about relationships heartbreaks, breaking up and that type of thing. Besides that you will find one or two for different occasions such as mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas...

“It started out with me thinking about the person that was in my life back in 99 and I decided to write a letter to him and it ended up, the end result was a poem and so that is how it came about.”

“While some are going to make you feel a bit melancholy I’m sure there are one or two that will cause you to smile.”

Tiffany Simpson, Belizean Artwork.Com, Publisher
“I think it’s an excellent book of poems I didn’t necessarily like the theme I must say that. But when I read through it I realized that the themes that are in the book are themes we don’t feel comfortable discussing amongst ourselves but we can all relate to. And I said maybe we should take the readers out of their comfort zone for a minute or two.”


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