Sunset Grill's Victor Nal - BTB's Chef of the Year; Casa Pan Dulce's Teresita Choco wins BTB's Best Cake Decorator
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held its annual Taste of Belize competition at Old Belize. With chefs, bakers and bartenders around the country rendezvoused to Belize to showcase their best culinary fares. BTB and the YWCA prepared a bountiful dinner for those gathered including tacos pibil, scrumptious rice and beans and cow foot soup. Teresita Choco of Casa Pan Dulce decorated her cake in good time and combined with the fabulous taste and ingenious creativity, she brought home the top prize in the cake decorating competition. Second place winner (below) decorating her cake with colorful edible flowers.Victor Nal and his delicious meal won first place as BTB's 2009 Chef of the Year.Nal celebrating with his family.Second and third place winners, above and below.The Bartending competition heated up with Belizean Dream winning first place, Radisson coming in second and third was won by Cahal Pech.Several business had booths advertising their many products including, pictured below, Grace Kennedy.