The Belize Coast Guard will be holding a meeting tomorrow at
10am at Sun Breeze Conference Room. The Meeting is in an
effort to form an auxiliary committe in San Pedro.

The Belize Coast Guard Auxiliary will include men and women who volunteer their service whose overarching concern is to contribute to the safety, security and protection of our citizens, ports, waterways, coastal regions, marine resources and the environment. The Coast Guard Auxiliary will not bear arms and will directly support the regular Coast Guard in all non law enforcement programs mainly focusing on maritime safety and security, natural resource protection and disaster relief efforts. The strength of the CG Auxiliary will be their experience as mariners and sea farers, their knowledge of the environment, their genuine concern for safety of lives at sea, a willingness to contribute to safety and security and a natural love for what they do. The difference between the Coast Guard Auxiliary and any other extension of the security forces is that there will be no cost attached to the service they will provide.
The requirement to join the CG Auxiliary is to be a Belizean citizen 18 years or older, physically and mentally fit. You do not have to own a boat to join the Auxiliary. However, it is expected that recruitment of Auxiliary members will come from personnel with a maritime interest and the boating population. The Coast Guard Auxiliary will train with the regular Coast Guard one weekend in every month to maintain currency with technology, latest information and standardize courses. The Coast Guard will host a one week training camp annually to exercise the entire Auxiliary in a class room simulated environment and actual underway deployment. The CG Auxiliary will wear the uniform of the regular Coast Guard with the inscription “CG AUXILIARY” when involved with any mission in support of the Coast Guard during training or for ceremonial parades.
The Coast Guard Auxiliary will fall under the command of the Commandant Belize Coast Guard who will designate an Auxiliary commander for administrative purposes. The Auxiliary will follow a similar rank structure of the Coast Guard based on promotion criteria. Training of the Auxiliary will be the responsibility of the training, research and development department of the Coast Guard.
The following are some of the functions of the Coast Guard Auxiliary:
• Educate the boating public at marinas and in classrooms on maritime affairs
• Assist the Coast Guard in SAR and Marine Environmental Protection
• Conduct vessel safety checks at marinas and on patrol
• Provide harbor patrols for boating safety
• Instruct safe boating courses to the general public
• Assist the Coast Guard in information related to maritime security matters
• Report on any illegal or suspicious activities
• Support the Coast Guard and the public in disaster relief efforts
• Aid the Coast Guard in maintaining radio communications from outlying stations