The Belize Archives and Records is hosting a travelling Exhibition as a part of the September Celebrations. The exhibition includes photographs of past September celebrations; information on the battle of St. George's as well as information about hurricanes, chicle, slavery and civil aviation. Lizette Thompson is the Assistant Archivist at the Belize Archives and Records Service.

Lizette Thompson: Assistant Archivist, Belize Archives and Records

"It is very important as a part of our mandate as a resource information center which acquires, preserves manages and disseminates information on out national heritage. We tend to have information on Belize and a lot of times people would come to the department to carry out research and from time tot time we have to do outreach and publicity programs. This is one way of taking the information to the public and that is the reason that we decided to highlight the Battle of St. Georg's Caye and the activated leading up to independence; it is the September month."

The first exhibition will be held tomorrow in Corozal at the Corozal Civic Centre and the second showing will be on Thursday in Orange Walk at the House of Culture from nine in the morning to three-30 in the evening.  

Lizette Thompson: Assistant Archivist, Belize Archives and Records

"I take this opportunity to invite everyone to come in to visit the displays. It is very important to be able to that as Belizeans we need to be proud of our country; how far we have reached and how far we expect to go. This includes taking time out to look at the different processes that we had to go through to be able to achieve independence. This is very important especially for out students to learn what it is to be proud Belizeans and to be loyal and patriotic to your country. It is a way for us to be able to generate that kind of response for our children."

The exhibit was made possible by the National Institute of Culture and History, the Angelus Press, the Print Belize Limited and the Wood Depot.