Classes Begin at New Toledo East High School

[Linked Image] The Toledo District has a new high school. Yesterday the Corazon Technical High School in Corazon Village officially opened its door to 76 first form students. It is big news because it is the first high school in the remote reaches of Toledo East. That's consequential because that area has many rural and remote villages with poor road access into Punta Gorda. For high school students from Toledo East and West in the past, it meant waking up early in the morning and travelling long distances to attend Toledo Community College or the Julian Cho Technical High School.

But now there is Corazon Technical High and yesterday Education Minister Patrick Faber and Toledo East Area Rep. Peter Eden Martinez cut the ribbon.

[Linked Image] Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

"We thought it very important to open a school in these remote areas that will alleviate the conditions that students need to travel under and also to create more access, more spaces for these students."

Hon. Peter Eden Martinez, Toledo East Area Rep.
"We have had students going all the way to Punta Gorda and to Julian Cho Technical High School and they had to be getting up pretty early in the morning, sometimes two or three in order to travel all the way there and spend their whole day and then get back very late. So the tedious means to get an education is going to altered significantly because the students get an opportunity to come to school earlier and to go back home earlier. That is just one way. But then what is even more important is the fact that there are going to be a lot more students having access to this secondary education right within there area."

Hon. Patrick Faber,
"This school actually gives the opportunity for at least 100 more first form students who have been given the financial assistance through the Ministry's $300 subsidy to now attend high school."

Presently most of the students from the area go to school at TCC or Julian Cho - both in Punta Gorda and both requiring them to traverse long distances.

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