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Saga staff and volunteers picking up dogs for spaying/neutering

In an effort to control the stray and domestic animal population of South Ambergris Caye SAGA Humane Society and South AC Neighborhood Watch (SACNW) are working together to educate pet owners and provide spaying/neutering for those animals in need. "It's nice to see these two great organizations working together for the betterment of our community" one area resident was heard saying. Initially, area pet owners are approached by members of the SACNW Patrol to find out if they are interested in having their pets spayed or neutered, later members of the SAGA Humane Society staff and volunteers come on site to discuss the benefits of these and other procedures with the pet owners. Once they have the pet owner's permission the animals are taken to the clinic where the procedures are done at no cost to the pet owner. After the procedures are complete SAGA Humane Society returns the pets to their grateful owners. SAGA Humane Society and SACNW are also looking into stray animals that have been seen in the area and working with residents to catch and treat them.
The program which began October 1st, 2009 has already met with great success which is noted below:

5 dogs collected - 4 female, 1 male
Three of the five are at high anesthetic risk due to severe flea and tick infestations and lack of care, with resultant evidence of anemia. Of these three, one was severe enough that surgery will be postponed until next week while she is treated with doxycycline for tick fever. The other 2 dogs did not have evidence of fleas and ticks or anemia, but still are at a mildly increased anesthetic risk due to lack of heartworm prevention. All 5 animals' owners were counseled by Ingrid on the risks and benefits of sterilization surgery, and all five have accepted these risks. The four dogs that were found to be of adequate health will have surgery Friday morning (October 2), will be monitored throughout the day and evening, and will be returned to their owners on Saturday. All dogs have been treated for fleas and ticks. All owners were educated on the benefits of vaccination, but none elected to purchase the vaccines. At this time Saga is not performing vaccinations free of charge. All owners will be educated on the importance and methods of flea and tick control when the pets are returned to them.
If you are interested in assisting SAGA to cover costs associated with this or other programs please call them at 226-3266 or visit www.sagahumanesociety.org and give generously.
It was Mahatma Gandhi who said "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."