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The Jewel seen through the eyes of a photographer

[Linked Image] And the September celebrations are just a memory now, but one man is making sure that we don’t forget the images that chronicle the always changing landscape of Belize. Noel Escalante has been photographing Belize for the past fifteen years. And for the past ten years he has been showcasing those images for the public. The best of his last exhibits; Faces and Places of Belize; Natures Abstracts; and Antique Belize have been combined for this year’s show at the Bliss Institute of Creative Arts. The photographs have been printed on canvas and Escalante says that a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to a worthy cause.

Noel Escalante, Photographer

“One can come and see a lot of different cultural aspects of Belize. They can see a lot of our destinations, they can see a lot of Belizean culture. They can come and actually see art by seeing abstracts in natural forms and they can come and actually sort of get nostalgia by seeing how our Belizean landmarks have changed in the past years. We have pictures of the Paslow Building, of the Newtown Club from old Belize how it was mostly in the seventies and as I said it will have something for each and every one of us. It’s a nice time to come here and relax and enjoy some art. We’re doing our opening celebration tonight along with the Liberty Children’s Home where the Liberty will be doing a fundraising event along with the opening of the exhibition.”

Delfena Mitchell, Director, Liberty Foundation
“Mr. Escalante heard our call for help from the Belizean public and he has generously offered to partner with us for this art exhibition. He is donating fifteen percent of the proceeds to us, which we are very grateful for and we are hosting an opening night tonight. We will be having a fashion show that’s going to be done by some of the children at liberty and it’s great because now that I see the pictures out, the clothing that we’re modeling is casual clothing, very colorful so I believe they will complement the pictures that are being displayed.”

Noel Escalante
“So we invite people to view the exhibition and enjoy some little entertainment along with it.”

The public is invited to the exhibit’s launching tonight. Entrance is free.


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Noel Escalante's Tenth

[Linked Image] Noel Escalante is a prolific photographer. In 15 years he has taken 15,000 photos. But he selected only 80 or so of those photos for his annual exhibition. It is his tenth anniversary show and this year it is at the Bliss Center. It opens tonight but we got a preview this afternoon.

Noel Escalante, Photographer

“We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary exhibition and so what I did was borrow the themes from three of the previous exhibitions and that was, ‘Belize land of many faces and places,’ ‘nature’s abstracts,’ and also ‘antique Belize.’ So the faces and places would actually be cultural pictures of Belize and destinations, all the beautiful places that Belize has to offer. Nature’s abstracts is art looking at just [Linked Image] natural things and seeing the lines and angles of maybe a flower for instance but looking at it close up can actually give you some insights into the world around us. And antique Belize is pictures of old Belize, old Belizean landmarks which have changed through the years. So it will bring back some nostalgia to some of the viewers.

As I said the pictures are all done in vivid colours based upon the new process that I have of printing the pictures on canvas, on cloth instead of paper. So it gives a feeling of being in a gallery full of artwork.

Today so much of the crime and everything in the street, it makes Belize look negative. So we invite the public to come and see the beauty, what Belize has to offer and actually get some relaxation just looking at the pictures.”

All the prints are for sale. The opening is at 7 pm and it will include a charity fashion show for the Liberty Children’s home.


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