We are excited to now ship Kindle to Belize. Customers in Belize will enjoy:
Download Books Instantly: You can download books to your computer and transfer them to your Kindle via USB. Kindle wireless is not currently available in your country.

Large Selection: Over 180,000 English-language books to choose from; plus U.S. and international newspapers and magazines

Low Book Prices: New York Times® Best Sellers and New Releases are $11.99, unless marked otherwise. You'll also find many books for less - over 35,000 titles are priced under $5.99

Learn more about Kindle features on the Kindle product page

Important Product Information for Your Country

Kindle wireless is currently not available in your country. You can transfer books and personal documents to your Kindle via USB

Your country may charge import duties, taxes and fees you may have to pay ahead of delivery. You are the importer of record and responsible for compliance with local law including the payment of these fees. Learn more
Kindle ships with a U.S. power adapter and a micro-USB cable for charging your Kindle via a computer USB port. The U.S. power adapter supports voltages between 100V - 240V.
Kindle books, newspapers, and magazine are currently priced and sold in United States dollars
Blogs and the experimental web browser are currently not available for your country
Kindle includes a 1-year limited warranty. See details
Use of the Kindle is subject to the Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use