Abner "Abby" Marin was the fly fishing guide who was chosen to showcase the natural wonders of Ambergris Caye. He is flanked by Brian Jordan (l) of Costa Del Mar and Bradley Jordan (r), film director.

Sun glass users may be acquainted with Costa del Mar Sunglasses - the well known international brand. But aside from being a sun glass manufacture, Costa del Mar also produces films that promote fly fishing and its protected ecosystem. The big news is that a film crew was in Belize and made a stop in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to film a local fly fisherman. The film crew documented the lifestyle of local fly fisherman Abner 'Abby' Marin.

    Film Director Bradley Beasley explained that Costa Del Mar chose Belize because it has some of the finest permit fishing areas in the world. According to Beasley, the main focus of the film is the people, the culture, the environment, the ecosystem and the role developments are playing in the fisheries in Belize. "Fly fishing was only a backdrop for the characters in the film to play with," commented Beasley. "We looked for someone who was young, handsome, talented fly fisherman with a beautiful family and that is fairly articulate," commented Beasley, "so our local talent scout found Abby in San Pedro."

    Before being in San Pedro, the film crew was in Hopkins Village in Southern Belize where they featured Lincoln Westby. Westby is considered one of Belize's most avid and talented permit master on the mainland. "We also wanted to film in different location in Belize so we can contrast the difference between southern and northern Belize," stated Beasley. "Certainly there is more development in this part of the country and we want to see if it is affecting the ecosystem. We wanted to see if there was any negative impact on the fisheries in Belize," stated Beasley. During his fishing film debut on Friday, Abby caught a grand slam - the elusive catch which consists of a capturing a tarpon, a permit and a bone fish in one fishing trip.

    Brian Jordan, copywriter for Costa del Mar stated that while Costa del Mar is just a sun glass manufacture, for the company it goes beyond sun glasses. "It is easier to do an advertisement piece that is more appealing but for us it goes more than that. It is important to tell stories of places and people and how they use their glasses to earn a living," stated Jordan. Jordan added that, "ask a fisherman and he will tell you that a sun glass is as important to them as any other fishing tool."

    Costa Del Mar was started by fishermen and according to Jordan, the fishing community is rooted in the company. For that reason, Costa Del Mar supports fisheries conservation groups in creating awareness on the importance of the healthy waters to the economy and the environment.

    In speaking to The San Pedro Sun, Abby Marin stated that he was honored to be a part of the film. According to Marin it is another opportunity for Belize to be in the international scene especially since fly fishermen having been fighting to preserve the ecosystem. "I did it for my country because I want the world to know that we have a beautiful country, with a lot of fish which we need to protect," stated Marin. For Marin, years of fighting to preserve the environment is paying off, testament to that is the fact that twice he has been featured in films promoting fly fishing in Belize.

    Costa Del Mar has filmed videos in the Galapagos Island in Ecuador, in South Beach Florida in the USA, in Panama and now in Belize. The film is scheduled to be featured in 80 cities. The feature will be done during a touring fly fishing festival in the United States starting in February 2010. According to Costa Del Mar, before the festival, their website will have a teaser on the film and the full video will be available after the festival on their website.

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