The information below details some upcoming changes to the UK passport system.

The British High Commission has some FAQs on their website <> if anyone has any questions.

Withdrawal of Temporary Passports

Temporary Passports
From 15 October 2009 Temporary Passports will no longer be issued at the British High Commission. This is due to an upgrade of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office computer system. A new Emergency Travel Document will be introduced later this year.

In the meantime we will continue to issue Emergency Passports (one page non-machine readable travel
document) for people who need to travel quickly. However, please note that it is not valid for travel under the
US Visa Waiver Scheme therefore you will need to consider travel via an alternative route.

New Emergency Travel Document

As part of a wider programme to increase document security and protect the identity of British nationals iving and travelling abroad, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is introducing a new Emergency Travel Document.

This will replace the current Emergency Passport (one page) and he Temporary Passport and will be a ore secure one way document. It will be flexible and internationally accepted for entry, exit and transit purposes. his document will be introduced from the end of 2009.

What does this means to you?
You must:

- Look after your passport.
- Check its validity. (Passports can be renewed up to nine months before they expire. The extra time will be added on to the new passport's period of validity.)
- If you do not have a full validity passport, you will need to allow xtra time to obtain one.

British High Commission, Belmopan

New Passport Arrangements for British Nationals in Belize

Why Change?
- The UK is alone among major partners in retaining a large overseas passport network.
- Passport fraud and identity theft is on the increase.
- Improved efficiency means we should be able to maintain current service delivery times and in some cases improve level of customer service and experience.
- Consistency means fairer decision-making, better service delivery and reduced fraud as a result of improved governance, training and communication across the network.
- The demand for consular assistance for British nationals living and travelling abroad continues to rise and change.
- In their 2006 report on consular services the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee recommended limiting passport production to fewer locations to increase security and reduce expenditure on new passport issuing systems and processes.

From 9th November 2009 applications for full validity passports will need to be sent directly to UK Passport Service for the Americas and Caribbean, Washington D.C., USA.

Changes to Passport Operation

In order to keep costs covered, the UK Government is committed to looking for opportunities to reduce administration, centralise excellence and deliver beneficial economies of scale. These are the parameters we have set ourselves as we introduce more sophisticated measures to protect personal identity, reduce fraud and safeguard UK borders.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office's (FCO) Passport Network Rationalisation Project was set up in May 2008 to deliver a more streamlined and efficient passport operation for British nationals abroad, to achieve immediate financial benefits to the FCO and to establish a sustainable operating platform for the future.

The FCO is committed to supporting the UK Government's National Identity Scheme to:

- Help secure our borders and tackle illegal immigration;
- Prevent identity fraud;
- Become a key defence in the fight against crime and terrorism;
- Enhance checks as part of safeguarding the vulnerable;
- Improve customer services.

What is happening?

Passports for British nationals in Belize will be processed and printed by the UK Passport Service for the Americas and Caribbean, Washington D.C. from 9th November 2009.

What do these changes mean to me?

From 9th November 2009 passport applicants should send their applications by courier or registered post directly to:

The UK Passport Service for the Americas and Caribbean
British Embassy 19 Observatory Circle, NW
Washington, DC 20008

The passport team in The UK Passport Service for the Americas and Caribbean aim to issue new passports within 10 working days of receiving the correct documentation and fee (excluding transit time).

Before applying for a passport we suggest that you visit our website at:

All the relevant passport forms can be downloaded together with information on the application process.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers should not make any travel arrangements until their new passport is received. The High Commission cannot be held responsible for costs incurred as a result of disrupted travel plans.