Everyone was quite happy with their accomplishments.

All were happy to pitch in, including the littlest helper.

The participants enjoyed a snorkeling tour at Tuffy.

Everyone got a certificate acknowledging their participation.

Big smiles of accomplishment.

Between the months of October and November, White Sands Dive Shop will be conducting the AWARE Kids program. AWARE got a fantastic start this Saturday, October 17th when children between the ages of five through 11 years took part in the Beach Clean Up.

    There are a total of five AWARE Kids Missions: Kids Clean Up!, Recycling Rocks!, Kids to the Rescue! (Threatened Underwater Animals), Way Cool Water Conservation! and Speak Out! each to be conducted on a Saturday.

    Saturday’s cleanup gives kids in the AWARE Kids Program credit for AWARE Mission 1: Kids Clean Up! and each received a certificate of appreciation from Jenny Miller Garmendia the director of Project AWARE Foundation. Immediately following the Beach Cleanup, the participants enjoyed a snorkeling tour at Tuffy.

    White Sands Dive Shop’s AWARE Kids program is conducted in conjunction with The Project AWARE Foundation’s Go ECO – Explore, Conserve, Observe. The campaign adopted a mile of Ambergris Caye’s beach. The mile of beach begins at Las Terrazas/Journeys End Resort and extends Northward to Mata Grande. This was the area that was cleaned up. Kids were explained the importance of picking up trash, especially plastics. Elbert Greer stated, “Marine animals and birds see plastics and confuse these with food. These animals’ lives are threatened when plastics are consumed.”

    White Sands Dive Shop Manager Emiliano Rivero commented, “the beach will be patrolled and cleaned regularly of plastics and glass with an emphasis placed on not disturbing naturally occurring beach wash such as sea grasses and drift woods necessary for the prevention of erosion and support of biodiversity of the area. We are not just cleaning the beach we are protecting it. This barrier island beach is a part of the reef system and were going to treat it with the same respect we give the corals.”

    Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action. With headquarters in the United States and offices in Australia, Japan, Switzerland and United Kingdom, Project AWARE combats challenges facing aquatic resources in 175 countries and territories with direct support from divers and water enthusiasts worldwide.

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