October 22, 2009

As a part of its new Computer Aid program, Sunrise Rotary Club of Belize has donated twelve new computers complete with monitors and accessories to four Belize City primary schools. The beneficiaries are Calvary Temple Primary School, Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist School, James Garbutt Seventh Day Adventist School and the YMCA. Love News Spoke with Public Relations Director for Rotary Sunrise, Hugo Moguel.

Hugo Moguel: Public Relations Director, Rotary Sunrise
"A few months ago we got a 3-H grant through Rotary International. It was twelve computers that we got to distribute to anyone in need; anyone that we saw fit. Our main focus is education mostly in Southside Belize City. We went around and did a survey of several elementary schools seeing which ones were in greater need of these computers. We identified at least twelve and we narrowed it down to four that were in greater need. Those are Ephesus Adventist, Calvary Temple, James Garbutt and the YMCA. YMCA has a special after school program which children from different elementary schools gather there and work. They do after school training and getting ready for exams. When you see, like one school for example, has seven hundred students and there is not one single computer available to those students for tutoring or access to internet, homework assignments or anything. When you combine all the schools we are looking at two thousand plus students that are going to be graduating form standard six and going into high school and have no real access to computers. Knowing how the work environment is right now and the problems we have with human resources, with the work force, we need to have our children better prepared."

Marva Bennett Awardo, Principal of Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist School says these computers will come in handy for her students.

Marva Bennett Awardo: Principal, Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist School
"It will be very helpful and beneficial because some years ago the school received some but they stole them. When they were recovered everything else was there but they were like shells. The children kept asking when we would get computer classes again so this will help us even if they have to be in groups to work on it. It will help us as teachers too because we have to tag along our laptops. The secretary of the Sunrise Rotary Club called me and she informed us that we were going to get two but to my surprise when Mr. Hugo Moguel Called he said that he was going to give us three so we counted our blessings."

The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise was formed in Belize City on March 6 2007. The club is made up of vibrant young professionals whose aim is to give back to the community.

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