Soulful gospel CD released by Burrell Boom duo

[Linked Image] Music is a form of communication and a duo released a CD that is expected to send a message to its listeners. Sharon Humes and Melissa Mossiah, known as Autumn’s Spring, launched their first album entitled “Freedom sixty-one-one.” The gospel artists from Burrell Boom Village have been playing instruments and singing for over a decade and are now working along with the local publishing company, Belizean Artwork. The album consists of ten songs that are both soulful and of other genres. The lyrics of the music are actually an intimate diary of Mossiah’s life experiences. The duo says that the album will touch the hearts of many.

Sharon “Autumn” Humes, Gospel Artist

“I was looking up the meaning of Autumn and I like what the thesaurus showed me. It says that autumn is like a second spring. And it also means a time of harvest, it also means fall and I feel that at the place that we are at in our lives right now is a time of harvesting.”

Duane Moody

“Which song on the CD is your favourite and why?”

Melissa “Spring” Mossiah, Gospel Artist

“For mine, it would be “I’m Letting Go”. The reason why is because in the past, I have had so many good dreams and some bad as well but in this song it talks about both of them and I had to let go what I wanted and my desire for the desires of the Lord.”

Sharon Humes

“Mine would be “No One” you know and it speaks about no one can take the place of God. Even though it was Melissa that wrote the song I love that one because I can relate to it. With these songs, it is more a message of hope and inspiration you know. My heart is that people would find something personal with these songs.”

The CD’s are available at music outlets countrywide at twenty dollars each.

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