Beginning next April Brad's Gaming Company will run the country's lotteries programme. Earlier this year Cabinet said it would privatize the management of the lotteries to maximize the financial returns from the programmes as well as improve the efficiency, management and monitoring of the lotteries regime. It says the current system is difficult for Government to oversee. Presently collections from the sale of lottery books net the Government point nine million dollars annually. With the new system it is anticipated that collections will rise to two million dollars annually by way of a license fee, a profit sharing agreement and business tax that the private company would be required to pay. Government says an expert will review the administration and progress of the programme every two years. The system will gradually move from a manual system to an electronic system of lottery ticket sales. This will be transitioned over the period of a year after the private administration of the Government Lotteries begins. It is expected that several public education campaigns will be held.