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#358093 - 11/16/09 08:55 PM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Gela]  
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I am almost certain this is the same young man we met. He was a bartender at The Placencia resort when it was brand new and we hung out with him all day - he played great music for us and served us delicious food and drinks while he was tending the poolside bar.

He moved from Placencia to Belize City, then if I recall, spent some time in England before returning to Belize.

He liked to be called Scott and even sent me some letters to keep in touch for a couple of years. I still have them. I am saddened by this news.

#358115 - 11/17/09 08:46 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: LaurieMar]  
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Meanwhile, in Ambergris Caye a boatman lost his life in open sea when his vessel, the Right Now from the Sueño del Mar, was involved in a boat accident. The thirty-three year old was returning to La Isla Bonita at about six-thirty when in the area of White Sands Cove, it collided with a water taxi, Tio John, from the Coastal Express. News Five’s Delahnie Bain was in San Pedro this morning and has the tragic story.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting
Two boats collided in the waters north of Ambergris Cayes on Sunday night. The accident involved the vessels, Tio John from Coastal Express Water Taxi and the Right Now from Sueño Del Mar Resort. Only one of the eight passengers on the Tio John, a US National was injured, while the Captain of the Right Now, forty-two year old Antonio Tepaz, had to be flown into Belize City for surgery to his ankle.

But the impact was fatal for thirty-three year old Cesar Scott, who had only been working with Sueño Del Mar for about a month. According to Officer in Charge of the CIB in San Pedro, Scott’s skull was crushed and his shoulder shattered in the accident and when we got to the scene, his blood was still splattered inside the boat. Phillip Davis was a passenger on the Tio John.

Philip Davis, Passenger, Coastal Express
“I was just going home after having a vacation and about ten minutes into the trip, there was a loud bang, the boat leapt out of the water. The captain immediately shut down the engines, spun the boat around and that’s when we saw that we’d hit another boat. We were inside the cabin, that’s a covered area and we didn’t even see the boat, just a loud bang and we were thrown all over the cabin.”

Delahnie Bain
“Were you hurt?”

Philip Davis
“Just a small bump to my head, but it’s very unfortunate when an accident happens like this. I really feel sorry and I send my sympathies to the guy that was very seriously injured.”

The investigations are still at an early stage, but Manager of Coastal Express, Darrel Williams, says the other boat did not have lights and no one saw it coming.

Darrel Williams, Manager, Coastal Express Water Taxi
“Our six-thirty scheduled boat was moving north and had gone into the ocean and docked to drop passengers off. On the way out of the dock, without any warning, we collided with another boat as we were moving to go north again. From the driver’s statement—the captain’s statement—he saw no lights, saw no boat; nothing just the collision. Several of the passengers have confirmed that they were looking and they saw nothing either.”

But General Manager for Sueño Del Mar, Kevin Myer, disputes that allegation and says his boat is in fact equipped with proper lights. Myer would not speak on camera but he told New Five that he does not know enough to say who is at fault and he is leaving it up to the police and Port Authority to determine. Both Myer and Williams have expressed that their employees are still shaken up after the accident.

Darrel Williams
“My captain’s very, very shook up as you can imagine. When you drive a boat that collides with someone else and it takes someone’s life, it’s a horrible situation for anybody to be pushed upon. But on our boat we had one passenger that had a dislocated shoulder, who has since gone to the doctor and I think had it put back in place and everything so she’s not too bad. But everyone else is just very shook up.”

Officials from the Police Department and the Port Authority are still conducting interviews as part of their investigations. Delahnie Bain for News Five.

Scott leaves behind a wife and seven month old baby. Word late this evening is that Tepaz is undergoing treatment at Belize Healthcare partners sustained including fluids in the lungs, a dislocated shoulder and a broken chest bone.

Channel 5

#358116 - 11/17/09 08:50 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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Two boats collided on the open seas in San Pedro last night and it was deadly. 33 year old Cesar Scott was killed in the collision which occurred on the island’s northern tip – about two miles from town between a water taxi and a boat for a private resort. So what went wrong? Well that’s what Keith Swift went to San Pedro to find out. Here’s his report.

Keith Swift Reporting,
The deadly collision was between this 25 foot skiff “Tio John” which is for the Coastal Xpress Water Ferry and this 24 foot skiff “Right Now” which is the property of the Sueno Del Mar Resort. Phillip Davis and William Pott were on the Coastal Xpress ferry heading north.

Phillip Davis, Accident Victim
“We left here on the 6:30 boat going north and everybody was on the boat, there were six of us, passengers talking and all of a sudden there was a loud bang and the boat just leapt in the air and it wasn’t until a few seconds after that when the captain turned the boat around we realized we had hit another one.”

33 year old Cesar Scott was killed in the collision. He was on the Sueno Del Mar boat along with his captain 42 year old Antonio Tepaz heading back to San Pedro when the collision occurred. Most of the blood in the boat is his. Police say the impact slit open Cesar’s skull and his death was probably instant. There were minor injuries on the Coastal Xpress.

Keith Swift,
“Anyone on your boat was injured?”

Darrell Williams, Owner – Coastal Xpress
“Yes there was a young lady that had a dislocated shoulder which I believe she went to the doctor and had it checked out but everybody else was just pretty much shaken up.”

That includes the captain of the Coastal Xpress Luis Alberto Paz – seen here this morning at the police station. He didn’t want to speak to us but his boss Darrell Williams did.

Darrell Williams,
“One of our boats was travelling north with six passengers onboard and after dropping off at one of the docks he moved out into the main stream again and out of nowhere came a boat which my captain, as he said, did not see anything and the collision took place. There appeared to be no running lights on the boat coming in the other direction.

My captain is saying that he didn’t see the boat at all; so only at the point of collision, at the very last moment. He says he didn’t see any out there at all. Pretty much it didn’t have no running lights or there didn’t appear to be any running lights on the boat.”

Darrell Williams claims speed wasn’t a factor. He said the lack of lights on the Sueno Del Mar boat was.

Darrell Williams,
“From what I am led to believe, speeding was not a part of it at all because our boat was pulling out so at that point he wouldn’t have been speeding. I believe it is just the fact that the del Sueno boat did not have a running light or the running light wasn’t on from witnesses account other than my members of staff.”

Keith Swift,
“So you don’t accept any responsibility for what happened?”

Darrell Williams,
“No, not at all. As I said, by all eyewitness accounts, from passengers in our boat, no one saw the boat coming. No one saw any running light so therefore we accept no responsibility.”

But the truth is that the two passengers we spoke to say that because they were inside the Coastal Xpress boat, they wouldn’t have been able to see if the other boat had on its lights or if it didn’t.

Keith Swift,
“Did you guys see the other boat before it collided?”

Phillip Davis,
“No because it is a covered boat and so everybody was inside for like protection from the rain and we were just talking in the boat, everything was normal and then we just heard the loud loud bang.”

Keith Swift,
“How frightening was it?”

Phillip Davis,
“Very frightening. I feel sorry for the family of the other guy that unfortunately didn’t make it. It is a terrible terrible thing.”

Keith Swift,
“Did you see if the other boat had lights?”

Phillip Davis,
“Like I said I didn’t even see the boat. You didn’t see outside, it was night time and we were inside and we were all facing each other in the boat.”

Keith Swift,
“Was the boat you were in speeding?”

Phillip Davis,
“It was going fast but not faster than normal. The boats here travel up and down fast anyway.”

No one from Sueno Del Mar would speak on camera but they did say their boat did have on its lights. But whether it did or didn’t is a question the police will have to answer later. Right now an island is in grief over the loss of a 33 year old father of two.

William Pott, Accident Victim
“It was like my first big crash so it was very scary. It wasn’t at first like when I was on the boat but when I got back here to the dock, it really hit me then. I didn’t get hurt that much so like he said, I am sorry for the next guy.”

Darrell Williams,
“I would just like to give my prayers and condolences to the family of the deceased person, It is a horrible thing to have happened and we do feel for them very much.”

The captain of the Sueno Del Mar boat, 42 year old Antonio Tepaz is still hospitalized at the KHMH tonight. He suffered a dislocated shoulder and fractured left arm. American-Belizean Lynn Toney was on the Coastal Xpress and she suffered a dislocated right shoulder. She was treated and released for her injuries.

Again no one from Sueno Del Mar would speak to us on camera but they did deny reports that the lights on their vessel wasn’t on. Cesar Scott recently began working with Sueno Del Mar. Funeral arrangements are stalled pending a post mortem exam. The Port Authority is working along with San Pedro Police. We should note that the captain of the Coastal Xpress boat – Luis Alberto Paz has retained attorney Anthony Sylvestre.

Channel 7

#358117 - 11/17/09 08:51 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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November 16, 2009

One person was killed in a serious boat accident in San Pedro Town on Sunday night. The victim has been identified as 33-year-old Cesar Scott, a front desk clerk of Sueno Del Mar Resort in San Pedro Town. According to police just before seven on Sunday night they visited an area some two and a half miles north of San Pedro Town at the scene of a boat accident. According to police a coastal express water taxi named ‘Tio John’ was heading north of Ambergris Caye with six passengers, a boat captain and an assistant boat captain when sometime before seven they collided with a vessel belonging to Sueno Del Mar Resort called 'Right Now' driven at the time by 42-year-old Antonio Depaz. The boat with Depaz and Scott were heading to the south of San Pedro Town. Luis Alberto Paz, the boat captain of Coastal Express told police that he was traveling north when he suddenly noticed a boat in front of his vessel. Paz told police that he turned to his right to avoid the collision but the other vessel also turned right so they collided. The vessels were damaged as a result of the impact. Scott received serious had injuries and died on the spot. Also injured was boat captain Depaz who was air lifted to the KHMH on Sunday night. Passenger on board Coastal Express US National Lynn Tonny received minor injuries and was treated and released. The other passengers on board Coastal Express received minor injuries. San Pedro Police say that they are investigating two main causes they suspect might have contributed to the incident. The two possible causes are poor lighting a speeding. No one has been arrested but blood samples have been taken from both boat captains. Both police and port authority continue their investigation into this incident.


#358126 - 11/17/09 11:32 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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Tio John and Right Now collide – one dead

The quiet slumber of a cool, peaceful night on the island of Ambergris Caye was broken by hushed whispers traveling from mouth to mouth: a boat accident on North Ambergris had taken a life and threatened several others.

Two water taxis, belonging respectively to the Coastal Express water taxi service and the Sueño del Mar resort, but traveling in opposite directions, collided with each other off the White Sands Resort beach, about 3 miles north of downtown San Pedro, between 7:00 and 7:30 Sunday night.

The Express’ boat, named Tio John and captained by Luis Alberto Paz, a long-standing boat man and tour guide on Ambergris Caye, had just left the Amigos Del Mar dock in downtown, carrying six passengers to an unknown destination further north, when it suddenly met with the Sueño del Mar boat, named Right Now and captained by Antonio Tepaz, 42, who was assisted by Cesar Scott, 33. They were the only persons aboard.

The vessels collided, injuring nearly all the passengers on board Tio John, the larger, and both Tepaz and Scott on Right Now, the smaller of the two. Scott was killed on impact.

Elsa Paz, Mayor of San Pedro Town and Luis’ cousin, told Amandala this evening in a telephone interview that according to Luis’ statement to police, which she witnessed inside the police station, Right Now was operating without lights, and that the accident was unavoidable, since the area was dark. (We are told both boats had lights, but it is not clear whether Right Now’s two-mancrew had theirs turned on.)

We understand that Tio John had made a stop at a dock north of Amigos’ dock, and had just pulled out when Right Now appeared, apparently looking to dock.

Luis told police that Right Now appeared “out of nowhere,” and his attempt to avoid it by turning hard to the right (“to starboard,” in the language of boating) did not help, as Right Now also unfortunately turned right, right into Tio John. Luis sustained minor injuries. Neither boat, we understand, was significantly damaged apart from scratches on their bows.

Mayor Paz also told us that she has been after the Belize Port Authority to enforce the law on lights for boats operating on the island, to avoid incidents like this one. According to the Mayor, the Authority does not even have an office on the island, sending revenue collectors from the main office in Belize City when they want revenue from boat licensing.

The Mayor said that the Express and the Island Ferry water taxis serve the North Ambergris area on an all-day schedule on weekdays and weekends, running until as late as 1:00 a.m., because there is no good road connecting the area with downtown. Ambergris Caye is about 18-20 miles long, so, to move from one end to the other, the residents and tourists use the boats. But they must carry emergency lights and have them on at all times, she said.

She told us that she hopes the incident serves as an impetus for the law to be enforced, noting that the Port Authority had scheduled a visit to the island today. Luis, she observed during his statement to the police, was still shaken up and nervous, perhaps thinking over his narrow escape.

Tepaz was not so lucky; he sustained a broken leg and possibly internal injuries, according to his son, who was on the scene and spoke with Jorge Aldana of the San Pedro Sun newspaper. A female passenger from the United States was also injured and was flown by helicopter from San Pedro to Belize Healthcare Partners hospital (BHPL) in Belize City, while the remaining Tio John passengers all sustained minor injuries and were treated at the San Pedro Polyclinic.

At press time, Tepaz is critical but stable, and while we were allowed into his room to take photographs on the consent of his wife Obelia and the Healthcare Partners staff this evening, we could not speak with him directly.

Obelia Tepaz told us tonight that her husband’s chest was damaged and some bones broken.

The Port Authority has begun an investigation, and we met the investigator, Russell Lainfiesta, at BHPL this evening. However, he declined comment on the record, stating that the investigation is ongoing and he did not want to prejudice it. He was willing to say, however, that the Authority licenses and inspects all boats in Belize, and standard equipment on board all vessels must include lights, first aid and safety kits, and communication devices, among other things.

Police investigations likewise continue, but we were unable to reach the lead investigator, CIB chief Sergeant Paulino Reyes, all day today.

#358187 - 11/18/09 09:08 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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Boat accident victim on the road to recovery On Monday night we reported a fatal boat accident at sea near White Sands Cove north of San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Police say that their investigation may lead to charges of Causing Death by Careless Conduct and Manslaughter by Negligence. According to the cops, one of the boats did not have lights and they have forwarded the files to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for a decision. The collision, which occurred around six-thirty on Sunday night, took the life thirty-three year old Cesar Scott and injured two others including a U.S. national. In the meantime, the condition of forty-two year old Boat Captain for Sueño Del Mar Resort, Antonio Tepaz, has improved. Tepaz suffered several injuries to the leg, chest and arm from the impact and has undergone two rounds of surgeries on his leg and lungs. He is expected to have an early recovery.

Duane Moody
“They said that you didn’t have any light on your boat or anything like that.”

Antonio Tepaz, Victim of Boat Accident
“Ih got light. Dehn put a new light because dehn guys bought a light and put it on di back. On di back di light was not working but dehn buy wah light and put it and so it had light on that night.”

Duane Moody
“In your recollection what exactly happened on Sunday night?”

Antonio Tepaz
“I come from Sueno Del Mar, I ker some members there. When I come back I see wah boat coming approaching to me and I try to go out but I think that he neva see me and I try to go on di beach and from deh I see he come straight to me and I stop the machine and I give reverse fi no make the collapse big. From that I noh remember nothing more. When I reach right here in Belize, I hear that he was dead.”

Duane Moody
“You were unconscious for that time?”

Antonio Tepaz

Duane Moody
“Who rescued you guys from the…”

Antonio Tepaz
“I can’t remember nothing. When I open my eyes I see the doctor and from den I noh remember nothing. When I reach here the doctor make me some surgery right here.”

Duane Moody
“How many surgeries did you get and for what?”

Antonio Tepaz
“One for my foot that get broke and one for another one to take out the water from my lungs.”

Duane Moody
“What are the doctors saying now are you safe from harm?”

Antonio Tepaz
“He says that I am lee bit safe from that lee bit by lee bit.”

Tepaz says he is to have another surgery for injuries to his chest.

Channel 5

#358264 - 11/19/09 09:29 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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Boat Collision Survivor Speaks

33 year old Cesar Scott was killed in Sunday night’s deadly collision between two boats in San Pedro. The captain of the boat he was in – 42 year old Antonio Tepaz survived and is hospitalized in the intensive care unit at the Healthcare Partners Hospital. He is lucky to be alive and today from his hospital bed he told Keith Swift that he didn’t cause the accident. In fact he says that he tried to prevent it. Here’s his story.

Keith Swift Reporting,
Antonio Tepaz says Sunday night’s collision was unavoidable.

Antonio Tepaz, Involved in Boat Accident
“I try my best to nuh make the collision be. I see a boat in front me. I tried to go up by the reef but the boat was still coming up. I thought I would go to the beach now and at the same time when I went to the beach the boat took the curve to go the normal way and from there when I think to stop the boat to not let the collision be very hard, and I tried to change direction but then I don’t remember anything more.”

Tepaz woke up in this hospital bed at Healthcare Partners Hospital which is where he’s been since the accident. His right foot is broken and so is his right shoulder. But Tepaz is the lucky one. His co-worker Cesar Scott died.

Keith Swift,
“Do you feel guilty that you’re alive and Cesar isn’t?”

Antonio Tepaz,
“Well the man done passed away already. Sometimes I feel bad about it too but if you are driving something and something like that happened and your friend passes away what would you think about it? You feel bad. I feel bad about it too because he is my friend and co-worker too.”

And Antonio says he doesn’t feel guilty because he maintains he did nothing wrong. He says his boat has running lights and they were on – on Sunday night.

Keith Swift,
“The witnesses say they didn’t see your boat coming, your boat just appeared out of nowhere.”

Antonio Tepaz,
“No I had on my lights and as I tell you my one witness is God because I go to church and I don’t have to lie about it.”

Keith Swift,
“Were you speeding?”

Antonio Tepaz,
“Yes I was going a little fast, 45 to 46 rpm but when I saw that boat coming very fast I tried to slow down.”

Keith Swift,
“Even the Mayor of San Pedro said she heard your lights weren’t on.”

Antonio Tepaz,
“No I had on my lights and that is why I am telling you God is my witness and I had on the lights on the boat. That was an accident, nobody has the fault. I know I had on my lights on the boat. That is why I tell you the truth.”

The truth and hard reality this veteran of the sea is now forced to live with.

Antonio Tepaz,
“I can’t walk because my foot is broken until about six months maybe a year.”

Keith Swift,
“When you do recover will you return to being a captain?”

Antonio Tepaz,
“I don’t know. God will decide that, not me.”

The police and Port Authority are still investigating. 33 year old Cesar Scott will be laid to rest over the weekend.

#358270 - 11/19/09 09:38 AM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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Boat Collision Claims One Life

A deadly night collision between the skiffs of Coastal Xpress Water Taxi and that of Sueño Del Mar skiff resulted in the death of person and left two persons injured.

According to Police, at about 6:55p.m. they were informed of a boat accident and went to the Amigo’s Del Mar dock and found two persons injured and one male person who had xtensive injury on his head. The male person was identified as 33-year-old, Cesar Scott, of West Street, San Ignacio Town. Scott had a cracked skull and a broken shoulder and was pronounced dead at the scene by Dr. Miguel Allison.

In the Coastal Xpress boat “Tio John” there were five passengers along with the captain. Luckily the boat captain, Luis Alberto Paz, did not receive any injuries but US National Lynn Tony received minor injuries and received medical attention at a private clinic after being released from the San Pedro Poly Clinic.

Sueño del Mar’s boat, “Right Now” was being captained by 42-year-old Antonio Tepaz who was injured in the accident and had a dislocated shoulder and fractured left ankle. Tepaz received medical attention at Ambergris Hopes Clinic and was later air lifted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by BATSUB for further medical treatment.

In an interview it the Amandala newspaper Mayor Paz stated that according to Luis’ statement to police, which she witnessed, “Right Now” was operating without lights, and that the accident was unavoidable, since the area was dark. Luis told police that “Right Now” appeared “out of nowhere,” and his attempt to avoid it by turning hard to the right did not help, as Right Now also unfortunately turned right, right into “Tio John”.

According to personnel of Coastal Express their boats were checked by Port Authority and all boats were in perfect condition. “We are so sorry for what occurred, accidents to happen,” commented Darrel Williams. “We send our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of Caesar Scott. We certainly believe that we were not at fault but investigations are ongoing”.

Kevin Myers of Sueño del Mar did deny that his boat light were not working and he states that he does not know enough to say who is at fault and leaves it the Police and Port Authority to determine that.

Mayor Paz also told the Amandala that she has been after the Belize Port Authority to enforce the law on lights for boats operating on the island, to avoid incidents like this one. According to the Mayor, the Port Authority does not even have an office on the island, sending revenue collectors from the main office in Belize City when they want revenue from boat licensing.

There are contrary reports whether or not the lights on the boat were working.

Ambergris Today

#358346 - 11/19/09 08:23 PM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Marty]  
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I've lived here a long time and know a lot of boat accidents occur. You can argue the pros and cons and whether one or the other had "lights" meaning a tiny red/green and small stern light but I will not go out without a large 100 to 300k white spot or search light burning and showing me what's out front. It is also so bright till no other boat can miss it. Maybe they should add a similar light to the regulations for boats. Alternatively, folks with commercial boats such as ferrys, etc may voluntarily install them for the safety of their passengers.

#358347 - 11/19/09 08:49 PM Re: Boat Accident [Re: Tricky Dicky]  
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Having a spotlight on the front of your boat blinds other boaters and is extremely inconsiderate and dangerous if not illegal. It's no different than driving down the road with your high beams on in the rain.

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