Part of a REAL apology is figuring out what (of all the things I said) offended people on the Village Council/Neighborhood Crime Watch. I decided that calling the Subject of this Post "FAKE Crime Busters" may have been the most hurtful thing I said. I have no doubt that their efforts to make CC safe were as REAL as my own. Yesterday I wrote a reply to a subject titled "Is It Really This Bad". I decided that it really belongs to this thread (or Subject):

I am not the sort of person who would try to sugar-coat something as awful as the murder on CC. To the contrary, I have ticked off local politicians by being openly critical of (some aspects of) their response to that sad and gruesome event.
How do I feel about Caye Caulker at this moment? It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. And rhe people are so welcoming and gracious that my wife and I will probably spend the rest of our lives here.
How safe is it? I walk the streets alone nearly every night carrying nothing but a book. I don't feel threatened by the people around me, I feel protected by the people around me.
I am skeptical about the politicians on this island (and everyplace else) but politicians on CC realize that it is in their own best interest to make CC as safe as is humanly possible. Whether they are motivated by morality or greed, EVERYONE on the island is committed to making Caye Caulker as safe as it is beautiful.

Sincerely, Ron D