Five bloggers were blogging live from Belize all of last week as they traveled throughout the country in an adventure they will never forget. The Belize Tourism Board hosting five bloggers in Belize and were accompanied by BTB's Lorena Martinez, bvk's Kate Kohler and Kevin Kriehn and, Naturalight's Productions - JC Cuellar.

As JC Cuellar updated on his adventures on BTB’s Facebook page, the other five bloggers updated their individual web pages on all the activities they were involved in, while traversing the country.

"It’s my first trip to Belize, so I’m thrilled that the itinerary will have me running pell-mell around the country, stalking jaguars, snorkeling with shark rays, scaling pyramids, cave tubing, and zip-lining across a rainforest!” said Melanie Waldman in her blog Travels with Two.

Indeed the bloggers had a wild adventure while visiting Placencia, Cayo, and San Pedro . Their adventures included visiting Xunanatunich Maya Ruin, Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary, Cave Tubing, Zip Lining, Parasailing, Swimming with the Sharks and Rays and of course dining at many of the wonderful restaurants Belize has to offer.

The five bloggers were:
Kara Williams, The Vacation Gals
Kerrin Feldman, Mykugelhopf
Melanie Waldman, Travels With Two
Gennaro Salamone, Enduring Wanderlust
Christine Gilbert, Almost Fearless

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350 ft above San Pedro from Belize Vacation on Vimeo


Ziplining at Jaguar Paw from Belize Vacation on Vimeo

River Crossing

Hand cranked ferry, Xunantunich from Belize Vacation

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