The San Pedro AIDS Commission held its annual AIDS Solidarity Walk in commemoration of World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) on Sunday, November 29. Supporters gathered at Central Park at 9a.m. and proceeded to walk through the main streets of downtown San Pedro. The Solidarity Walk culminated with an HIV/AIDS fair at Central Park with information booths, food sale, rapid HIV testing and music. For more information on the San Pedro AIDS Commission contact Felix Ayuso at 663-9922.

The Story Behind the Red Ribbon

The red ribbon is internationally recognized as a symbol of the struggle around HIV/AIDS.

The AIDS Awareness Ribbon or RED RIBBON is commonly seen adorning jacket lapels and other articles of clothing as a symbol of solidarity and a commitment to the fight against AIDS. The Ribbon Project was conceived in 1991 to recognize and honor friends and colleagues who have died or are dying of AIDS.

The color red was chosen for its "connection to blood and the idea of passion - not only anger, but love, like a valentine."

Care and concern: It is being worn by increasing numbers of people around the world to demonstrate their care and concern about HIV and AIDS - for those who are living with HIV, for those who are ill, for those who have died and for those who care for and support those directly affected.

Hope: The red ribbon is intended to be a symbol of hope - that the search for a vaccine and cure to halt the suffering is successful and the quality of life improves for those living with the virus.

Support: The red ribbon offers symbolic support for those living with HIV, for the continuing education of those not infected, for maximum efforts to find effective treatments, cures or vaccines, and for those who have lost friends, family members or loved ones to AIDS.

If you are offered a Red Ribbon, you are asked to take it and wear it as a tribute to the millions of people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS worldwide. Anyone can wear a red ribbon. You don't have to be HIV positive or living with AIDS to demonstrate that you have an understanding of the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS.

There is no 'official' Red Ribbon. You can make your own to wear. Wearing a red ribbon is the first step in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It can be worn on any day of the year, but especially on World AIDS Day.

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