Watercolor paintings of Joseph Chiang at Image Factory

[Linked Image] There is an art exhibit of the self titled works of Joseph Chiang on display at the Image Factory. Chiang is the artist who won the design competition that resulted in the construction of the hand monument at the roundabout to the entrance of the Western Highway. When we caught up with Curator for the Image Factory, Yasser Musa, he said that Chiang's artistry in water colors is in a class of its own.

Yasser Musa, Curator, Image Factory

"Joseph Chiang attended St. John's College and at the college he showed remarkable talent and skill and we knew he would one day become an outstanding artist, painter specifically. And after junior college at SJC he pursued his studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia in the United States. And again, he excelled there. I think he came in the top three in his class and after college, he focused mainly on painting-but after college he decided to go an experience New York City in a way of Mecca of art and he lived there for two years and then he has decided to come back home. Well my favorite ones are ones of the Haulover Creek because, as you know, we recently had that big ROUM! Not boom, it was bigger than a boom bomb and there are some excellent water colors of the Haulover Creek in the evening, in the early morning. He zooms in on some of them, he captures some where the sun is really playing a lot of games with the water. He has done a variety of scenes but I think what should be impressed with is that he has gone beyond the expectation of what we normally see as water color pictures and he has really started to define his own style. I mean it's still very young but we expect that he will grow and I am very hopeful that he will grow in the area of education because I think a person like this can really contribute to our education system."

Entrance to the exhibit at the gallery on North Front Street is free and the public is encouraged to attend.


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