FYI a reminder for the coral reef meeting tomorrow evening.
Strengthening Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change Impacts
Austin Bowden-Kerby (PI) & Lisa Carne
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, World Bank, WWF-CA

Sun Breeze Hotel Conference Room
San Pedro
10 December 2009, 7-9pm

* Why is this necessary?
status of reefs local/Caribbean/Global, causes (climate change is it real? Evidence).
* Coral biology 101 including overview of symbiont ecology and bleaching mechanisms.
* Nurseries established to date: scoping, locations, coral species, methodology, seven month growth data, survivorship & bleaching history, genetics & clade identification. (Southern Belize) AND new sites established (San Pedro/Caye Caulker)
* Summary of recent Acroporid workshop in US and "species recovery/survival plan"
* Out-planting design (discussion): methodology, dates, discussion. (southern Belize)
* Future Plans: nurseries phase two. Concept of 'ecotypes'. Incorporating sexual reproduction into recovery efforts.
* What we can do as individuals, and especially as tour guides.
* Questions/Discussion

11 December 2009
Site visit-Sand Bore-9am departure-details to be announced

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