San Pedro is known as La Isla Bonita for a reason, which is because of its beautiful beaches, people and more. Tourists from all over the world have come to our island and left with an amazing memory that always brings them back and with more friends and families, either coming for an unforgettable vacation or to get married in Paradise.

On December 4, 2009, Ambergris Today spotted a video crew filming a music video for a New York hip hop group, THE END. They were filming their first music video entitled "Run This World" on the beautiful beaches of San Pedro Town. THE END told Ambergris Today that the group has been filming in different countries which will be featured in their video.

And get this! THE END also mentioned that the reason for their visit was because they would be performing at the Continental Airlines' Toys for Tots Rock The Runway Show that was held in Belize City on Saturday, December 5, at the Belize Biltmore Plaza.

Belize City's Channel 5 News stated that every year, for the past twelve years, Continental Airlines has been hosting a toy for tots event for less fortunate children. This year, the event took on a whole new dimension.

The Belize branch of Continental Airlines put on a fashion show where models from Belize joined one big name from the U.S. on the catwalk, America's Next Top Model's Bianca Golden. Musician and author, Derrick Watkins, popularly known as Fonzworth Bentley, from MTV's Reality Show from Gs to Gents hosted Saturday's Rock the Runway at the Biltmore Plaza. Also in town for the event was actress, Faune Chambers, from the White Chicks movie.

Duane Mood from channel 5 got the opportunity to ask these two celebrities a very important question, "Have you ever been to Belize before?" their responses were:

Faune Chambers

"No, this is my first time. I am excited, absolutely. I'm expecting a beautiful show, beautiful clothes to show. I think I love fashion shows because it shows the human spirit and the creativity and we can all come together; how fabrics are moving together and they are all woven together as one and if we come together we can do great things together. So that's what I'm expecting. I'm expecting the spirit of our humanity to be there, the love that we have and the acceptance that we have for one another, especially our youths."

Derrick "Fonzworth Bentley" Watkins, Entertainer

"A good friend of mine, I shop on Park Avenue in New York City by the name of Jay Kos and the manager of that store, she is actually from Belize, Michele. So she told me about the affair, I think about three months ago, and that it was a really big deal. She told me what it was about, how much money has been raised in the past and I was like wow. I would love to be a part of it and now I am here."

"This is my first time here so I am excited to see the beautiful country," continued Mr. Watkins. "I've been doing a little Googling, a little bit online but I really wanted most of it to be excited. That's why I like to do a lot of international travel to be surprised."

With that stated it shows how much recognition our country has been receiving. The New York group, THE END also stated that they were interested in coming to Belize since they heard and read news about Shyne's deportation to Belize and a lot of people in New York have been talking about visiting and experiencing our country's beauty.

by Gerry Badillo

Ambergris Today