Two well known film producers touched down at the P.G.I.A. late this afternoon. Film Director and Producer, Tim Story, who is the man behind hit movies such as Barber Shop featuring Ice Cube, Taxi with Queen Latifa and the Fantastic Four Movies came to scout local talent and the potential of filming in the Jewel. Also accompanying him is Owner of Dogen Sports Management/C.W.C. Sports, Herbert Gray Dogen the third, who has worked with top athletes in the U.S. and is partnering with the film Commission in Belize to expose the country to the film world. According to Dogen, Tim Story is working on a major feature and a country in this region is being considered for the film location.

Tim Story, Film Director/Producer
"I don't have any expectations. I'm just kind of-already knowing the place is beautiful. It's just the infrastructure for filming, the talent pool, hopefully finding out how much the government is supporting filming and I just want to find out all thee is when it comes down to I guess you can say being a virgin to this country. You just want to know what there is to offer and so I just hope to learn as much as I can and hopefully come back with a wealth of information. I hope that I can take back enough information to kind of also entice other productions; other producers and other productions that I know of and say hey you should go down there and check that place out because they might have a projection that suits the location or the location suits it and I would be in a position to kinda you know nudge them along and get them over here."

Herbert Gray Dogen III, Owner, Dogen Sports Management/CWC Sports
"My brother is a pro golfer and we are actually creating a youth program for kids here to be exposed and using athletics, in particular golf, teaching kids mind-core value of life, like honesty, integrity, perseverance and so yes, my brother and I have an extremely long list that we're trying to do in this country to bring that exposure on a world level for Belize."

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