A mobile cinema featuring independent films from all over Latin America is in Dangriga. Cine La Intemperie is a film project that has been undertaken by two Argentinean women film maker Viviana Garcia and photo journalist Griselda Moreno. The women are on a year and a half tour showing over 200 hundred independent films to communities in various countries. The first stop in Belize is in Dangriga. We spoke today with photo journalist, Griselda Moreno.

Griselda Moreno; Photo Journalist

“We are bringing to Belize a cinema that we bring from all Latin America and our idea is to sit at the cinema show in the Princes Royal Park. This is going to be tonight between 6:30 and 7:00. We will show some independent films there. It’s for children and teenagers. We will try to films that can have a lot of messages inside. We want to show the people another culture.”

Moreno says they hope that by showing these films, they will be able to educate and inspire people of all ages.

Griselda Moreno; Photo Journalist

“The ideal of this project is to expose the different realities that people are living in other countries in Latin America. When the people see what is going on in rural areas or what happen with the different economical, political associate situation in other countries they can identify with them. It could also help them to come up with possible solutions and that is very good.”

The films being shown were produced by independent film makers from all over Latin America. Moreno says Belizean film makers can also show their work to the rest of the world through this mobile cinema.

Griselda Moreno; Photo Journalist

“We have two hundred films with us and they belong to the people in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru Ecuador, Mexico, Central America and other countries. We are crossing every country with the media we are doing a kind of call for the independent film maker. We want so of Belizean one.”

Following the stop in Dangriga, Cine La Intemperie will be in Orange Walk and in San Ignacio.