In January 22nd, 2009 (Volume 19 #3) of The San Pedro Sun, the Calendar Girls, San Pedro Roman Catholic School staff and students all rejoiced at the opening of the much needed library at the school's compound. It was announced that the girls' future plan was to build and furbish yet another important component of any school, the cafeteria. With close to 900 pupils, SPRCS needs the cafeteria space in order to provide healthy lunches for their students. Since January, Miss April Eve Dirnback and Miss November Katy Eggert have continued to fight to have the cafeteria reach its completion.

    According to Dirnback, initial funding was received by the San Pedro Social Club, and this assisted in the construction of the structure. Through help from Councilor Romel Gomez the girls were able to acquire some paint, burglar bars, tables and electrical wiring for the school. However, the help and assistance to get this project finalized has not been forthcoming. As in many cases, when volunteerism is involved, the hard work tends to be left to a few individuals. Building and furbishing the cafeteria has been the work of Dirnback and Eggert who want to finalize the project which, as the months pass, keeps being put to one side for many reasons. One important reason has been the electrical wiring, "We have had seven electricians assist in the project but none has been able to complete the wiring," explains an exasperated Eggert. Through their hard efforts item by item has been secured and the ladies understand that in this hard time, donations are harder to come by.

    "We want to complete it for the students. They are the ones that need it and they are the ones asking for it. The children are priceless and very valuable. Having them consume a healthy lunch will give them the energy to continue with the rest of their day's education. It is for them that we are working. For the students of the school," explained emotionally Dirnback. Between Eggert and herself, little by little the school comes closer to finishing their dream - a dream that is shared by the students who keep asking when they will be able to eat their lunches at the cafeteria.

    Turning to the community once more, Dirnback and Eggert are pleading for assistance which will go towards finalizing the cafeteria. Having dedicated hours, resources and their own money, Dirnback and Eggert wish to have the cafeteria up and running by the commencement of the year's second term in January. "We are SO close to finishing and we won't give up until its done," exclaims Dirnback with a firm tone. Only a few items are missing to finish the project and they include: appliance paint, tiles (mismatched is fine), floor paint, and four (4) - four foot double fluorescent lights. Anyone wanting to join in Dirnback and Eggert's efforts may call (206) 2668 or (623) 9962. Together the students of SPRCS can have a clean and safe environment where they can enjoy healthy and delicious lunches.

San Pedro Sun