Belize is 'peppering' up its agro industry for large scale export

BELMOPAN, Belize -- Belize is taking positive steps to boost its agro-industry especially in pepper and is trying to uprade its product to attract a wide overseas market.

A National Consultation was conducted in Belmopan on Tuesday and Wednesday which was attended by officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries repreentatives from Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the Belize Agro Productive-Productive Sector Group, Producers, Exporters and Processors of Pepper products.

The government is gearing towards Hot Pepper Value Chain Upgrading Strategy and Action Planning in order to build additional understanding, buy-in and institutional capacity among shakeholders of the pepper value chain.

The Belize government is focusing on developing a group of farmers who wish to work together to identify, create, capture and share value using the value chain approach.

Plans are being made to reactivate the pepper industry associations including the National Hot Pepper Producers Association in order to boost production for export mainly in Caricom countries.