They were targets of burglary last week but that did not stop school children from bringing some peace to the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS). Along with a volunteer, the students were armed with brushes and paint cans and were ready to work.

    A US citizen visiting the island, along with a handful of SPRCS students are in the process of giving the school fence a facelift in the form of a mural. The project started this week on Monday and should be completed by end of the week. Students were more than happy to utilize some of their vacation time to assist in painting what will become an underwater seascape.

    In speaking to The Sun, Liza Mills who is from New Paltz, New York, USA stated that she wanted to share a little with the island while on her visit to San Pedro Town. An arts teacher by profession at Newburgh Enlarge City District School, Mills teaches environmental education through art. "Through art we teach our children to embrace the environment," stated Mills.

    It was with that spirit that Mills decided to bring such approach to the island while on her eight visit. According to Mills, she noticed a lack of children's artwork in the community and decided to raise funds back home. Her wish was to return on her vacation to Belize and get children motivated and involved in art work. Mills stated that after she managed to acquire some funding from the school where she works, as well as from her community, she managed to purchase the paint and equipment necessary. Her work continued as she coordinated the project with the SPRCS management.

    The art work which will bring children's drawings to life will depict Belize's prestigious Barrier Reef through the hands of approximately ten students who are taking part in the painting of the mural. Mills took the opportunity to thank her community and school in New York as well as the SPRC school and students that embraced the project. If the project gets a positive response in the community, Mills hopes to continue with a similar project next year.

San Pedro Sun