Jaw dropping…. That is one way you can describe the Belikin calendar for the New Year, thanks to some very provocative photos of young Belizean women chosen for the 2010 publication. It’s racier than it’s been in previous years, so much so that we can’t show you some of the pictures. Of course, the publishers of the calendar are selling beer, not bibles, and the calendar enthusiasts are mostly men who aren’t likely to be put off by the revealing pictures. But still management declined to speak to us about the revealing spread.

We did however get to speak to two of the models nineteen year olds Miss March, Michelle Swift and Miss October Samantha Gillett who had not yet seen the calendar until just before they were interviewed and like us were surprised about what they saw. We must note that both the young women’s photos are among the ones we can show you.

Michelle Swift, Miss March
“It wasn’t really something I was thinking about a long long time. I had a cousin who actually did it and her sister is actually on the calendar and at the time I really thought it was something neat. I really liked the girls on the calendar, the way they represented themselves and I thought that when I got a couple age older I would try at least to see if I could make the calendar.”

Samantha Gillett, Miss October
“I like modelling and I have seen the other models taking calendar pictures and it is something I like so I investigated about it and I chose to be on it.”

Jacqueline Godwin,
“Your picture is not one considered as provocative but there are some pictures here almost bordering on pornography. How do you feel to be one of the models among these questionable photos that have been taken for next year’s calendar?”

Michelle Swift,
“Well actually I guess it is their choice. They are the ones putting themselves out there in that kind of position. The other girls who decided to be more conservative, I believe it is their decision as well. What you want people to think of you, you will eventually put out. So if you want people to think that of you then it is fine, that is your decision.”

Samantha Gillett,
“Well about that I think that is their choices because some of the other girls took pictures but none of them did it topless or something like that so I think it is their choices.”

Earlier this evening at six the Belikin calendar 2010 was launched at Palm Island where the models were present. Miss March Michelle Swift is a student of the University of Belize and Miss October Samantha Gillett is a student of Orange Walk Technical High. The photos were taken by Jeremy Spooner and Richard Holder.

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