A-Train Wants to "Bun Them"

[Linked Image] Tonight we have a new music video to premiere. It's called "Bun Them" and is performed by A-Train and Reality Kid. The song rails against child molesters and A-Train whose name is Sherone Hope says he hopes it will become an anthem. A-Train stopped by our studios this morning to show us the video and tell us about the song.

A-Train, Releasing Music Video

"The video is basically about child molesters. We are trying to defend the children because to me that doesn't make any sense to molest a child, you will damage them for life. So me and Reality Kid just got together and say we will address that and that is what we did in this video.

[Linked Image] I just really want it to send a message for us to hold it down same way because when you molest a child that damages them for life. We want to bring more pressure on the child molesters and so forth.

The video was shot on December 20th by J-Speed. They had parts on a roof behind Archies. We did parts by Buttonwood Bay. Other parts were done by the BTL Park, MJ's Grand, and all about. Part was shot in Ghost Town also and so I want to thank all the kids who did it.

An album? I nuh really know when to say. I am just hoping to let them go by singles and then what I plan to do is see how people buy these stuff and then just put the main ones that they like on a CD and that would be my album after a while."

Again that is $1 for the CD and $2 for the video. You can contact a-train at 664-6289.


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