Oldest Belizean is a Crooked Tree resident

[Linked Image] James Rhaburn of Crooked Tree Village turned one hundred and five just before the close of 2009. And having celebrated his birthday on December thirty-first, Rhaburn is believed to be the oldest living person in Belize. His father passed away when Rhaburn was only fourteen years old and he had to drop out of school to work and look after his younger siblings. Rhaburn moved on to build a family of his own and lived a full life taking on many challenges. News Five today met the centenarian in Crooked Tree, but his health is failing and he shied away from the cameras. So what is the secret to his longevity? One of his nine children, daughter Elswith Estelle, says Rhaburn didn’t drink and worked hard.

Elswith Estelle, Daughter, Centenarian

“My father dah very well loving person yoh know. Ih caring; ih care fi we wah lot. When we mi rude when we mi small ih beat wi because ih mi want wi come good, but I couldn’t ask fi wah betta father.”

Delahnie Bain

“Your dad just turned a hundred and five years old, how is it that you think he managed to live that long?”

Elswith Estelle

“Well, my pa neva use to be wah drinking person or thing like that. Maybe during Christmas and birthday and things like that or when any occasion come up or so. But he dah wah person weh go dah bed soon and things like dat. Ih work hard and do weh ih have to do fi support nine kids and I think God really bless ah.”

Delahnie Bain

“I know that with old age comes a lot of health problems and so on. How is he doing?”

Elswith Estelle

“Right now I think ih di get down a little now. But fi di past years and so ih very good until maybe couple months ago. Ih talk when yoh go deh, ih noh give yoh break fi seh anything cause ih like company. Ih like when people come and visit ah and ih talk and ih tell yoh things from way back, ih woulda advise yoh weh fi do inna dis world.”

And when it comes to the crime situation, Estelle says her father’s advice is that parents need to take more interest in their children and keep them on the right path.


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