Serving San Pedro Town now for over 10 years, The Saga Humane Society continues to provide: · low cost or free spay/neutering
· low cost medicines and vaccines
· adoption and surrender services
· animal health services
· education programs
· response to abandoned animals and cruelty and neglect cases
· response to dog bite complaints
· neighborhood patrols for stray dogs
· cat trap program

Looking to adopt a new pet? Come see us! Take a visit to Fort Dog or the Kitty Kennel & take home a new family member. All animals available for adoption are spayed/neutered and have had their initial vaccinations.

Saga Humane Society is open Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 12pm & 1pm-4pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

We do not turn anyone away who needs help for their animals based on their ability to pay.

The search for our new clinic vet continues! Availability of visiting and part time vets will be advertised. Over the counter medications (flea/tick/dewormers) and basic care are always available.

If you see or know of an animal in need, please call Saga Humane Society at 226-3266. We thank the public for its continued support.