The ringing in of 2010 brought much festivity to San Pedro. The island had revelers out and about waiting patiently for the final countdown. After the 3, 2, 1 was yelled, hugs and kisses were shared and champagne bottles popped open.

    Everyone celebrated the arrival of 2010. Many were the places to choose from and people had a hard time deciding where to bring in the New Year. The party continued until the daylight hours and people continued their dancing spree.

    Pier Lounge was jam-packed for their New Year's Eve Chicken Drop. Great monetary prizes were given out after the chicken did his deed. To the delight of the winners, their numbered block was chosen as the chicken's favorite. The party then continued at Holiday Hotel where the crowd was immense. Right before the stroke of midnight, champagne bottles were handed to guests and when midnight struck, the corks were popped. Another place that had a great New Year's Eve party was BC's which rocked with a live band. People danced under the glow of a Blue Moon, enjoying the last minutes of 2009.

The San Pedro Sun