The Smile Clinic is returning. Parents are informed that the Clinic, based out of Holy Cross is going to be back on the island to provide FREE dental care for any child from
January 18th to the 22nd.
Volunteers will return to La Isla Bonita to brighten the smiles of students. No child will be left behind – all you need to do is come to Holy Cross and access the dental service. The Smile Clinic first started in 2005 when Dr. Mark Johnson and his wife Joan, a dental hygienist, of Annandale, Minnesota founded the dental center. They have both worked together in one goal: to establish a fully-equipped dental clinic which has remained up and running for more or less four years. Their dream was fulfilled for the first time when the clinic was born at the PolyClinic; it was later moved to Holy Cross Anglican School.

For further information, kindly email Dr. Mark Johnson at [email protected] or call Holy Cross