Casting Call for Actors and Actresses for Sinbad Movie

[Linked Image] A Hollywood movie will be shot in Belize and you could be one of the stars. In the first week of February, Asylum Pictures expects to begin filming "The 7 Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor" on location in Belize. The producers will be holding an open casting call for actors and actresses as well as crew members at the Bliss Center on Friday and Saturday. The film's director is Ben Hayflick. We spoke to him along with Film Commissioner Nigel Miguel about the opportunities available for local actors and actresses.

Ben Haylfick, Writer and Director - Asylum Pictures

"It is an action adventure film about Sinbad who is a shipping magnate and he is cast into a land of adventure when his ship is sunk and so it is an action adventure film with supernatural elements."

Nigel Miguel, Film Commissioner

"This is the first feature film that we're bringing to Belize. It is a proud moment for me individually as well as the Film Commission, NICH, and production entirely in the country."

Keith Swift,

"So there will be opportunities for Belizeans?"

Nigel Miguel,

"Yes beside work behind the camera, they are going to be doing a huge casting session on Friday and Saturday at the Bliss. So we would like all Belizeans that feel like they have talent to come out and audition for some roles."

Ben Haylfick,

"We are looking for all kinds of people actually at this point. We are actually looking to fill a lot of roles right now. That ranges from extras to speaking parts and speaking parts of different sizes, one line and up, but we are really looking for as many people to come out as we can and we will cast from that on Friday and Saturday."

Keith Swift,

"So anyone interested should show up?"

Ben Haylfick,

"Well it would be preferable if they have acting experience but some of the extra roles, people that don't have experience will be fit too."

The auditions for Sinbad are 9 to 5 on Friday and 9 to 12 on Saturday. They are also looking for crew members. For more information you can contact II Jam Casting" at 678-2828. And while Sinbad won't be shot until February - this weekend scenes for another movie will be shot in Belize. It will be scenes for "Piranha." Producer Anthony Fankhauser says some stunts - including a high speed chase through Belize City will be shot over the weekend.

[Linked Image]Anthony Fankhauser, Producer

"We are rapping up our film, we will do a shoot three days here in Belize. We are doing a lot of stunt work, our action work down here in Belize in the jungle and the locations and things more specific to Belize. We are going to be shooting by the harbour, we are going to close off some roads, and shoot in the jungles. We are going to do a little bit of casting. We are bringing in our actors. We are going to need some crew help and general production stuff and a sound operator. We are going to be out of here very quick."

There will no roles for Belizean actors in Piranha but there will be some opportunities for production crew members.

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