There has been this new restaurant in San Pedro for a couple of months now and we popped in on New Years eve, however Capt Jeff is in town and wanted to take us out to dinner so I suggested Blue Iguana.It is located opposite the Roadkill Bar and above Crazy Cannucks for those of you that know San Pedro.
You can sit out on the balcony or inside if the breeze is too much. Thank goodness the weather has greatly improved in Belize and we are nearly back to normal, liking the breeze at night though.
Our hosts arrived and found us at the best spot in the house in my opinion.

Is she beautiful or what!
The Captain happy to be surrounded by women!

Happy as we are about to eat for a change!

Their crab cakes are absolutely divine, check out how decorative the plate is.

This was their chipotle shrimp which we had the sauce on the side as the Captain doesn't like anything too spicy.
This was the stuffed Grouper with a zucinni salad and Rosemary potatoes.

I had the stuffed chicken breast with ham and cheese with a cucumber salad and Rosemary potatoes ( not exactly on the detox don't tell Tracey).

Beth had the shrimp and pasta which had a real kick to it which she loved.

Of course it wouldn't be San Pedro without an animal somewhere near us, here we have the resident cat begging food of us. I may have dropped a piece of chicken by mistake!

We had to try at least one dessert so yes this is their version of a key lime pie, we had four spoons and all agreed it was worth the calories.

The whole experience in my mind at Blue Iguana is an excellent one. The service is great the food hot and fresh, it is a fairly limited menu but they always have everything on it. The ambiance is lovely and stylish. I would definitely have it on my must eat there list for the trip, if you need some extra guests I will always come!

There is seating to just watch the water and people walking past on the beach or a lovely fully loaded bar to hang at.
Someone said to me recently that all we seem to do it eat and drink and party well hell that's what people come here to do for a week so of course we do that quite a bit!
Those of you that know me well know that I don't cook all that much, well to be honest we have Lime to eat at and when there are such good restaurants why would you!
I hope all my faithful followers are well and coming to see me soon.
I will be away for some of February but will try to keep the blogging up to date if the weather allows cheers for now from sunny Belize!
Once again the Blue Iguana is located south of town just past The Belize Yatch Club on the left hand side opposite the Roadkill bar.
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