Karaoke? Everybody loves participating or watching karaoke and for quite some years Sanpedranos have had the privilege of watching Channel 5's Karaoke Television (KTV) competitions. And this year Channel 5 proudly presents KTV Latino, where 14 contestants from all over the country will be performing Spanish songs.

This year is a must to stay tuned to Channel 5's KTV Latino because not only will three Sanpedranos be performing and trying to win the coveted prize of $10,000 but this year San Pedro is going to be represented in full force by lovely Miss San Pedro - Miss Raquel Badillo as she will co-host along with famous TV personality William Neal.

KTV Latino held auditions here in San Pedro and out of all who auditioned three participants were chosen, Nathalie Arceo, Ernesto "Nassa" Caliz and Claudia Haylock. The competition takes place every Tuesday at the Bliss Center in Belize City, viewers can vote for their favorite contestants by sending a text message to KTVL (5-8-8-5) along with the number given to the contestants (Only SMART users can vote).

The participants will perform their favorite songs in Spanish but the show is bilingual and will be conducted in both English and Spanish. A panel of three qualified judges in the field of music will critique each performance and make their recommendations to the contestants as the show moves to the next round.

The judges will have their say but viewers will have their way by text message voting. Contestants with the lowest number of votes each week will be eliminated as each round progress. The winner takes home the $10,000 coveted grand prize at the end of the season!

Coral Cable Vision will air Channel 5's KTV Latino every Wednesday and Thursday after the local news cast on Channel 7 and Saturday & Sundays during the course of the day on Channel 8. So stayed tuned and be sure to cast your vote for our fellow Sanpedranos! You have until the Sunday after the show has aired to cast your vote.

Ambergris Today