Tumul K'in Center of Learning in Blue Creek Village will again be hosting the Maya Day celebrations with an exciting variety of competitions, games and activities spanning more than a month. Last year's events were a great success and this year promises to be even better.

Fund raising events prior to Maya Day will include a barbeque sale in Central Park in PG on January 30th. Help support this cultural event by bringing the whole family to enjoy finger- licking good chicken and pork. Sale starts at 10am.

There will also be a Maya dance on February 27th from 6pm to midnight. Harp and marimba artists from across Toledo will be featured, including The Tumul K'in Boys. Ladies, take out your traditional clothes and dancing shoes and get ready to show off your skills. Although not confirmed as we go to print, it is anticipated this will take place at the Sports Complex in PG. There is a $10 entrance.

A football marathon is planned for February 28th at Julian Cho Technical High School. Matches kick off at 10am. Please come and support these fund raising activities.

On March 16th, the famous Torch Run begins at Lubaantun Mayan site with an incensefilled spiritual ceremony giving praise for life, earth and well being. This event should commence around 4:30pm at the site. Runners will then carry the torch through San Miguel, Silver Creek, Big Falls, Dump, Mafridi and ending at Tumul K'in in Blue Creek. The torch signifies the light of the world.

The thrilling Fire Ball Game takes place on March 16th and 28th at the end of each day's activities. In this game, young men compete with hockey stick-like clubs attempting to score goals with a ball blazing in flame. Be ready to move if the flaming ball flies in your direction!

Central Park in PG will be the venue for a Harp & Marimba Competition on March 20th. The best district musicians will be here so don't miss this musical extravaganza. The top three bands will then compete on March 28th at Tumul K'in for the crown.

The Chaj Chay Ball Game continues to be a highlight of the annual Maya Day celebrations. This is a game of speed, strength, endurance and accuracy which has been played since ancient times. The reenactment of this ancient sport is truly exciting. The ball game will once again take place at the Sports Complex in PG. Entrance is $5 per adult and $3 per child.

And last but not least, Maya Day itself on March 28th - a full day of cultural games, competitions, music, food & drink at Tumul K'in Center of Learning in Blue Creek Village.

Toledo Howler