The Belize Water Services applied for a twenty-five percent increase in rates in 2009 and today they got the nod from an independent expert, but not for the full amount. The Public Utilities Commission has received a report on the ongoing Full Tariff Review Proceeding from the independent expert, Dr. Richard Hern. Hern was appointed last month after B.W.S. did not agree with the P.U.C.'s initial decision to approve a ten point six percent hike. Hern's recommendations lie in between, at seventeen percent, and include a total capital expenditure programme of forty point four-five million dollars. The P.U.C. had recommended a capital expenditure of fifty-six point seven-four million dollars and a tariff increase of ten point six percent. But while Hern agrees to a higher increase for the water company, it does not mean they will get it. The P.U.C. still has to make its final decision and that will be done by March thirtieth of this year. Meanwhile, Hern's report to the PUC can be viewed HERE