Last week, the San Pedro Library Computer Class concluded a 12 week introduction to computers course, instructed by volunteer Michael Song and covering the basics of typing, word processing, spreadsheets, and the Internet.

    The students, including Jailene Ancona, Leandro Azueta, Donovan Castianos, Alessandra Gutierrez, Marilyn Mora, Chelsea Munoz, and Kyrone Vasquez were able to explore the different features of Microsoft Office programs, especially incorporating pictures, different colors and fonts, pattern designs, etc. Also, they learned about using the Web as a research tool, using email for communicating back and forth to the teacher, and using email for submitting work as attachments.

    The class, held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7 p.m., completed a course project, which included a cover page with graphics and images, a one-page description of "What I Love About San Pedro", and a table listing each class member with contact information.

    "Computers offer a vast array of tools that help people excel academically and professionally, so it's never too early to begin mastering those tools," says Mr. Song, also a marketing and website consultant for companies in the US. "I was very impressed with the creativity the students applied once they learned the programs - they just ran with it! If they continue to develop these skills, these students will be more and more competitive. And that's what makes teaching them gratifying."

    The final class was held at Manelly's Ice Cream Shop, where students presented their course projects and read their "What I Love About San Pedro" paragraphs for everyone.

    Mr. Song and Ms. Iracela Acosta are currently discussing future courses. For more information, please call the library at 206-2028, E-mail:[email protected].

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