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#36770 - 03/28/01 03:49 PM Paradise Withdrawls  
Joined: Jul 2001
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Sunkissed Offline
Sunkissed  Offline
I've been home now for two weeks, my awesome tan is fading and for some reason, they don't think I should be able to have rum drinks here in the office while I sit at my desk.....Go figure!! As most everyone says when they return from AC " I had a fantabulous time!!" You'll have to bear with me, you see I had this plan that every evening I would sit on my porch with journal and pen in hand with some sort of delicious island drink concoction beside me..........well needless to say that idea went to hell in a handbasket no sooner than I got there, I was to busy doing anything else, so here goes. Our first day was a long day. We were up at 3:30am to get to the aiport by 5:00 to catch our 6:00am flight to Belize. Our flight arrived just minutes after a Continental flight, so there were quite a few of us waiting in line at the aiport trying to get through customs. It was hot and humid in the little building and of course there are those few people who from just getting there hadn't acustomed themselves quite yet to belize time and were acting like spoiled american brats! Like that was going to get them through the lines any faster. Thank God for Jet! A rum punch never tasted so good! We then finally arrived on AC about 6:30pm. Lucy from Paradise Villas picked us up and drove us to our place. After dumping our things, off down the beach we headed. But low and behold, a palapa right next door at the Paradise Resort, how ever so convenient. We stopped had a drink and met a very sweet woman by the name of Dotty, she lives there several months out of the year. We then went on our merry way and found ourselves at Fido's. Had a late dinner there and it is wonderful food as everyone says. Made it back to our place and crashed. The next day we headed back down the beach and ended up at Estelle's for breakfeast. Delicious! Highly recommended! Went for a swim of our dock, ended up by the pool and then spent the rest of the day just touring around San Pedro. Had lunch at Jambels Jerk. Oh My God, this place is sooooooo good!!! Had jerk conch, it was fantastic. Mouth still waters thinking about it. Can't remember where we ended up for dinner, but I'm sure it was good. Met up with Orionhunter (Jan) who most of you know owns Cannibles, her boyfriend Kurt and son Ryan. What a great bunch of people, had a lot of fun and spent quite a bit of time with them. I have a wish list that she gave me and will put it on a different post (I forgot it at home) later today. So then, whoever goes next can hopefully pick up a few things and take them to her. We took the Lamanai trip with Tanisha Tours and Daniel is awesome!! We had an absolutely fantastic day. We lucked out and only had 7 people on our tour that day. Not necessarily a money maker day for Daniel but it was great to pretty much have a personal tour that day. Be prepared for a long day, left at 7:00am and returned around 6:30pm, but definately worth it. We saw crockodiles, turtles, several Black Howler monkeys, got to feed and pet Carlos who is a wild but yet tame Spider monkey, several types of wonderful birds. But the most spectacular bird was the Jabaru (sp?) Stork. These things are huge! They can stand up to 5' and have a wing span of up to 10'-12'. Pretty amazing. Daniel's partner Antonio who does the actual tour of the Lamanai ruin is also wonderful, he sure knows his stuff. But when you're walking through the ruins and you hear Daniel whistle, you best hurry your tush to wherever he is because he has found something worth seeing. Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and informational and is so extremely good at what he does. The $125 U.S. we spent on this trip was so worth it, Daniel is spectacular. I'm just sorry we didn't take another one of his different tours while we were there. Oh well, next time right? That night we had dinner at Elvi's, and what a great place this is. Food, service, atmosphere, all were fantastic! Finally met Sandshaker (Tammy) on Tuesday. She was gone the first few days we were there. I took over the sheets I brought for her and she invited us to go on a trip up to see Basil Jones plus do a little snorkeling. So that's what we did on Wednesday (I think it was Wed. anyway).I also met Jen (from the message board here, just not sure which one) briefly. She was in talking to Sandshaker. Sorry we never ran into each other again Jen but hope you had a wonderful time. Had a great day and what a beautiful spot they found for this resort. It will be marvelous when they finish. Oh, can't forget to mention that I met Sari (from the used to be Boatyard)on this outing. Boy, is this girl something else or what? She is a definate kick in the pants. But be warned, once she starts talking, she never stops. That evening we headed over to the Pier Lounge for the much talked about "Chicken Drop". It is amazing how many people show up for this event. The lady I was standing by volunteered to toss the chicken into the pin which you don't just get to put him in. First you have to lift it up and down three times, blow on its' butt and then toss it in. Well he must of liked the way she blew on his butt, because as soon as she tossed him in he walked straight over to her number and shit. We stayed for three rounds of fun and then headed off to dinner. We had dinner again at Fido's with a fantastic couple named Sigi and Anna that we met on our tour with Daniel. They are from Zurich, Switzerland. This is another reason vacations are so fun. The chance to meet people and start new friendships. Infact he loves to fish so we talked about them coming out here to Oregon for some Salmon fishing this fall season and then a trip for us next year to see them. Our snorkel trip (Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley) we took was so much fun. We asked Daniel who we should use and he suggested Lil' Alfons. Again we lucked out on this tour as well because there were only 4 of us that morning. Alfons was a lot of fun and like Daniel knows how to treat people very well. He sure knows the underwater world exceptionaly well. Saw so many wonderful things, the barracuda, different types of eels, so many awesome fish that he told me all the names of but which I can't remember now, but it too was absolutely spectacular. But now, Shark Ray Alley was a blast!! As soon as we pulled up in the boat and by the time we got our fins and snorkels on there were at least 8 sharks and numerous Rays all around. So we all get in and Alfons grabs one of the nurse sharks and asks the guy of the other couple if he wants to hold it. He says no, so I figure what the heck and tell Alfons I will. Well now I have this thing in my arms, I don't know what to do with it and Alfons had dissapeared. He reappeared quickly and says all I have to do is just push him forward and away gently when I wanted to let go. So I do and the shark just nonchalantly cruises away. The Rays are so awesome! To touch & hold one of these is so cool, their amazing. Alfons says the feel of their underbellies reminds him of a freshly shaven womens leg. Everyone should try this trip. I know it might seem kinda commercial, but it is great fun and quite an experience. So don't be intimidated and just go for it. You'll be glad you did. On our last night we went to Capricorns for dinner. No word could come close to how fabulously delicous our dinner was that evening. The special was stuffed grouper with this MMmmmmmm sauce over the top. Sigi and Anna joined us again for dinner and we had a stupendous time. All four of us had the special plus some fantastic appetizers and we all ate every bite! The owners (sorry can't think of their names right now) are wonderful people and make you feel very welcome. We were the last ones to leave as we were in no hurry. We were in very good company, with nice red wine, a warm breeze was blowing and the moon was so bright and full. It was magnificent. Highly recommend this!! I haven't said anything about the people of this island....They are the most kind, warm and loving people around. The children are absolutely beautiful. They are always happy and look so cute walking to school in the mornings with their clean & crisp white and white/blue uniforms on. I took some candy and small treats for the children and they were so appreciative when I let them chose what they would like. I even got hugs from some of them. So very sweet. But I have to let some of you know that one morning for breakfast we went to the Hideaway, (the one the ladies from Texas run) correct me if I'm wrong with the name. The one where a bunch of you said the biscuts & gravy were so good. Well I'm not sure what happened the day I was there, and I hope I don't get annexed from this board for saying this, BUT.....They were the worst things I've ever tasted in my life. I was a little concerned in the fact that when they brought it too me my husband asked if it was grits on top. But no it wasn't grits, it was just the worst gravy I had ever tasted. I think grade school paste would taste better. It was like a thick flour paste with no seasoning. I'm soooo sorry you guys to tell you this, but hey, maybe they just had a bad morning. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but needless to say I didn't go back again. We did go to Caliente's which was very good. Had dinner at the Sunbreeze restaurant (forget the name) it also is good. Ate a few times at Jambel's it was soooo very good, and Ray who works there is quite a guy. I know I'm probably leaving a bunch out but I think I've rambled on aimlessly enough for one morning. We definately will return. We want to spend more time on the mainland plus AC again and 9 days was just not enough time to do everything we wanted to do plus relax. So to everyone here, thank you for all your suggestions and help you're wonderful! I have some pictures that I will try and find someone here to help me get them up but if I can't, I guess if Marty's boy is willing I'll see if maybe he can help me. By the way Marty I live in Corvallis so I'm only 45 minutes away, I could bring them by personally.


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#36771 - 03/28/01 04:44 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  

wow. my brain aches after reading this!! glad you had a great time.

#36772 - 03/28/01 05:25 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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lmarquis Offline
lmarquis  Offline
Wow is right. Good report. The fever is catching!

#36773 - 04/11/01 12:29 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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B_b_f_b Offline
B_b_f_b  Offline
Great, great report. You should consider writing in the journal professionally, very well written, I'm headed there in 23 days (but who's counting) and I can't wait to try the places you recommended. Also, don't worry about being honest or being thrown off the board, it's just your opinion about the biscuits, nobody's going to crucify you. Anyway, start planning that next trip right away, it will make you feel like you are starting your journey back to paradise. I will have a fruity drink with an umbrella in it for you when I get there on May 5.

#36774 - 04/11/01 05:03 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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munichchick Offline
munichchick  Offline
Killer Report Sunkissed! I still have to wait 8 weeks and after reading your report these weeks will be even longer. Can't wait to meet Sandshaker and the others. The chicken drop sounds like a blast. How was the snorkeling up by Basil Jones? Is it nice to swim there from the beach? I am so excited and can't wait any more. This is torture! I want to sit in my Tiki Hut with a Rum drink and look over the ocean now!!!!

#36775 - 04/11/01 07:03 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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Mary and Scott Offline
Mary and Scott  Offline
Ditto...wonderful report! Would also love to know how you liked PV.We are thinking about staying there in September for a return visit. We sure envy you guys who are going sooner!

Mary and Scott
#36776 - 04/12/01 02:54 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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Sunkissed Offline
Sunkissed  Offline
Thanks everybody, sorry it's so long, but once I get started I'm kinda hard to stop. We really liked P.V. a bunch. The grounds are very pretty and the pool is very nice as well. Our unit was extremely comfortable and quite cute. We had kitchen facilities, but the only appliance we used was the refridgerator. Had to keep those cases of Beliken cold. Oh and also the cerviche' that we bought from the women who make it at home and then walk around selling it. We ate out every meal we had. I would certainly stay there again when we go back. The basil jones area is very nice and the snorkeling was good. It's much nicer to snorkel from your shore up north than it is down closer to town. I did not find much reason to snorkel from our dock, not much sea life. It seemed to me you had to head out to the reef. And come to think of it, not once while I was there did I get a drink with a little umbrella in it. But please, still have a drink for me!!

#36777 - 04/13/01 09:45 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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Marty Offline
Marty  Offline
Hey sunkissed, AWESOME writing...

i've been gone for a couple weeks, and am still collapsing at 6pm whether i'm standing up or whatever.....

I can't believe you are in corvallis, we should definently get together sometime, I'd be glad to 'UP' some pics...

#36778 - 04/13/01 09:54 PM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
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denverdan Offline
denverdan  Offline
Welcome home Marty!!! Great trip you had I assume!
Rhonda and several others will be sooo glad you can put their pictures on the board for them! Wish I had some to post as well. Can't wait to see them all!!
Glad your home safe and sound!

#36779 - 04/15/01 10:18 AM Re: Paradise Withdrawls  
Joined: Oct 1999
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Marty Offline
Marty  Offline
thanks Dan! Had a great trip.....
eyeopening to go to europe for the first time....

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