Notice from the Belize Defence Force

Prior warning is given to all members of the public that with the authority of the Government of Belize, Belize Defence Force (BDF) BSAG will be conducting a training exercise at the Hattieville Gallery Range in the area of Hattieville/Boom Road.

The training will take place from the 15th February to 15th May 2010.

The local population should avoid the area and should be aware of the presence of armed soldiers, armed military vehicles, various equipment and aircraft. There will be occasions when gun fire (Live and Blank ammunition) may be heard along with some loud explosions (Battle simulation).

Local civilians should be aware that there is no cause for concern and this is normal for this type of training. This is an essential training exercise to maintain the high standards of the Belize Defence Force personnel.

All enquiries should be made to:

The Public Relation Office
Headquarters BDF
Price Barracks
Tel: 225-2174