DJ Flex greets his fans who waited nearly a couple hours for his arrival.

Everyone enjoyed the show on Saturday night.

DJ Flex rocks San Pedro's stage!

    Spectators lined the street in front of San Pedro Jets Express in anticipation of the arrival of DJ Flex to the island. On Saturday, he was expected to headline a concert at the Old Football Field and the crowd got their first glimpse of the star at about 3:00 p.m. when he arrived. Panamanian Reggaeton artist DJ Flex, also known as 'Nigga' is famous for his hits Dime si te vas con el and Te amo tanto and the crowd patiently waited for a couple hours until they could wait no more. Their resounding screams could be heard as the boat made its final approach. Flex delighted his crowd and proceeded to invite everyone to the show. Mayor Elsa Paz was present, as well, giving him a warm welcome to the island community. Island Productions, the entertainment company responsible for promoting the show, also welcomed the artist and offered a wooden sculpture as a memento of his visit. Flex was more than happy to meet his fans and sign autographs, stating that he never thought that he would arrive to such a wonderful reception on Ambergris Caye. "Had I known I would have dressed a bit better," he joked.

    That same night, the stage was set, the lights were ready and sound engineers had prepped, the DJ Flex concert was about to begin. He took to the stage and rocked it out. The lights, the smoke, the sound, everything was on point and the show was a tremendous success. Fans sang hit after hit, begging for more. Along with his two back up dancers, guitarist and musicians the show was visible through the two projection screens ensuring that everyone enjoyed the show.

    According to Island Productions spokesperson Giovanni Marin the show was an absolute success. "It was a great performance and fans danced and song to DJ Flex's tunes," he stated. According to Marin, preparations are underway for another concert which they hope to have mid-year. Who will they bring? Marin and Island Productions want to know from you. If you see Giovanni, tell him which artist you want to come to perform on the island. If other concerts will be as great as the DJ Flex one, then whoever the artist is, it is certain to be a great show.

Lorrie entertained the crowd at Paradise Theater.

She was accompanied by her backup singer and musicians for the shows.

Lorrie Morgan performs at the Paradise Theater at Reef Village

    Country Western music enthusiasts where in for a rare treat last week when the new Paradise Theatre at Reef Village presented multi-platinum music star Lorrie Morgan. Morgan presented two concerts, one on Tuesday Feb. 23rd and another on Thursday, Feb. 25th. Both nights the audience was wowed by the exceptional vocals of the four-time Female Vocalist of the Year while listening to a variety of Morgan's milestone hits, many which have topped the Top 100 Country Western charts over the last two decades. For many concert goers it was their first time to the new state-of-the art theatre and the sophisticated atmosphere was enthusiastically received by all. Paradise Theatre is an exciting addition to the community and promises to be a popular venue for future concerts and movies.

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