Bioremediation facility under construction
Environmental scientists at Galen University introduced their new bioremediation program for sustainable sewage treatment in a press conference at the Central Farm campus on Wednesday.

The University’s need for additional sewage treatment grew with its major expansion of office and classroom facilities, and this created an opportunity to be environmentally appropriate and sustainable.

The university installed a sewage treatment system called bioremediation; “Bio” meanin life, and “remediation” meaning to fix. This innovative system will clean,Galen’s wastewater using only living organisms without the use of any machines or chemicals.

Bioremediation filters out the pollutants and transforms them into a resource, treating the waste issue on the very site where it is generated.

Kimo Jolly, introduced the technology into Belize and Omar Tut will build the system.

Dr. Ed Boles, an Environmental Science professor at Galen is coordinating the project with Galen students’s help and sweat equity, and will develop the actual ecosystem that purifies the wastewater.

The ecosystem will be a combination of plants, animals, and bacteria which live and work together. In this case, the ecosystem cleaning the wastewater will resemble a small, forested wetland.

The University’s wastewater wetland will have no exposed water thus avoiding odors and breeding mosquitoes. The plants selected will be mostly ornamental so the wetland will look more like a garden than a sewage treatment plant. The roots of these garden plants, along with various types of bacteria will grow through leach fields of loose gravel. The wastewater will pass through these gravel beds, and the wetland ecosystem living above will feed on everything which we think of as sewage contaminants.

By the end of the project, the University will have developed a small, compact and ornamental wetland ecosystem which can be modified or duplicated for use around Belize.

Galen is dedicated to promoting sustainable technologies which address many of the environmental challenges the world faces.

GUARD, Galen’s Applied Research and Development division, is available to assist organizations interested in developing a sustainable, low cost and effective wastewater treatment plan.

More information can be obtained from Galen University at 824-3226 or email [email protected]

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