I know there are a lot of good generous people on this notice board.
I am appealing to you all on behalf of a local family that I have been friends with for many years, They are very well know to a lot of people, locals and visitors to the island.
Their daughter, Ilda, has a beautiful baby boy, Daniel Martin Estell Guerrero. He is only 3 months old and is very sick.
Little Daniel needs a liver transplant, He has already had some surgery and a lot of test on his poor little body, yet he still smiles all the time.
The family is very desperate and need help, as you can imagine the cost of treatment is very high and way beyond their means.
Little Daniel needs our help now, time is not on our side, so I am appealing to everyone that can, to please dig deep and try to help this very sick little boy.
You can contact the family at 226-2418. A bank account will hopefully be set up very soon to receive donations.
PLEASE! PLEASE! Let's try to help Daniel, he is a very sick little boy..

Thank You.
If you would like further information please contact me via this board or PM.

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