Marion Jones joins Tusla Shock in WNBA

[Linked Image] This past Wednesday, Marion Jones sealed a major contract to play professional basketball. Marion made Belize proud at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 when she flew past her competitors to cross the finish line first and then proceeded to drape herself with the Belize and American flags. Marion Jones would collect five medals and then scandal about the use of steroids ruined her track and field career. She has since served a six month sentence for admitting to the use of the enhancement performance drugs and now Jones is turning a new leaf in her life and her career. She is shifting gears to basketball. Jones is now officially with the WNBA Tulsa Shock team of Oklahoma. Jones’ university education came through a basketball scholarship, and in 1994 she helped the women’s basketball team win the US national title. She has had many turns in her life but the once famed athlete says basketball is her focus now.

Marion Jones, signs basketball contract with Tulsa Shock

“I’ve always looked forward to the actual competing whether it’s in the past or now I’m just looking forward to getting on the court, meeting my team mates and doing something great here in the city.”

“Now are you worried about being a starter, are you going to be a starter?”

Marion Jones
“You know, I’m a competitor, I want to be the best. Anyway I see that Coach Richardson wants to use me, utilise my strengths, I will fit in, fill that role, but I really want the team to win and that’s really what it comes down to. If the coach thinks that somebody else can do something better, I’ll be the best supporter. But I want to play, I want to compete and I want the Tulsa Shock to win.”

Nolan Richardson, Coach, Tulsa Shock
“She was able to come and work out for me and of course that took place last Saturday and I was impressed with what I saw. And so with that in mind, after you’re impressed with what you see you don’t need for her to go to other teams because if they had any gotten any eyesight they would have seen what I saw.”

Jones is moving to Oklahoma where much of her time will be spent in spring training.

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