Mail In Your Guilty Plea

Did you know you can plead guilty by mail? It's being proposed as one way to clear up some of the physical congestion in the lower courts. In an effort to alleviate an overburden court, the Belize Magistrate's Court has introduced new procedures for those charged with certain offences. Those defendants meeting such criteria may now plead guilty to them by letter.

The letter must be addressed to the Clerk of Court and it must have a return address. These offences include obstruction of a public crossing or footway; using threatening words, indecent or insulting words, loitering and disorderly conduct. It is hoped that with the public's knowledge of these offences, the overcrowded situation that clogs the hallways at the Magistrate Courts will be significantly reduced.

The procedure is that the court will respond and tell the person who made the plea what their penalty is. Much to the chagrin of criminals you won't be able to go to jail by mail.

Live and let live