Four buildings burn to the ground in Placencia

[Linked Image] Itís a growing tourist destination, but over the weekend Placencia Village was the location of an inferno that demolished four buildings. At about three-thirty on Saturday afternoon the village volunteer fire team received reports of the blaze and when they arrived at the scene the first building was engulfed in flames. The strong wind caused the fire to spread quickly to three more buildings and all four structures were completely destroyed by the time the smoke settled. Three of the four buildings once made up a hotel, but the owners defaulted on their loan and it was repossessed by the Holy Redeemer Credit Union. Those three were unoccupied, but the fourth housed a family of three on the upper floor and seven people rented rooms on the lower flat. The family and one of the other tenants were in Independence Village and they lost everything while the others managed to save all their belongings. According to the Dangriga Fire Station, which is investigating the blaze along with Placencia Police, the fire started at one of the unoccupied buildings. As for the cause, it has not been determined whether or not it was arson, but the fire was appears to have been started by a person because the buildings did not have electricity. Placencia police have one person detained for questioning to determine whether or not the blaze was set intentionally or it was accidental.

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